Israel Warily Watches Egypt Turmoil

(Wall Street Journal) Joshua Mitnick - Many experts see the demonstrations against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in the streets of Cairo as a rebuke to political Islam, with fallout spanning the Arab world. "The mood coming out of Egypt has always had an impact on the Gaza Strip, and to a lesser extent the West Bank," said Dore Gold, a foreign-policy adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. "The branches of the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East, from Tunisia to Yemen, will have a much more difficult time convincing [the Arab public] that they can improve the lives of the people." Now Israel is concerned that it could well find itself with a failed state at its doorstep. "The instability could leak into Israel. The Israeli interest is that there is a strong viable leadership that will eventually bring economic stability and growth," said Ruth Wasserman Linde, a former Israeli deputy chief of mission in Egypt.

2013-07-04 00:00:00

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