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International law

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There Won't Be "Peace" Without Democracy 2008-August-08
Palestinians in Gaza March for Worldwide Islamic Rule 2008-August-01
Islamic States Use UN to Stifle Free Speech - Globally 2008-July-31
U.S. Is Largest Donor to Palestinian Authority 2008-July-30
Fatah and Hamas Getting Ready for Another Bloodbath? 2008-July-28
Realism Must Rule in Engaging Syria 2008-July-23
Lessons of the Hizbullah Prisoner Swap 2008-July-17
The Long-Term Implications of Prisoner Exchanges2008-July-15
Stop Funding Demonizing NGOs 2008-July-09
NYC Lawsuit Claims Lebanese Banks Helped Enable Hizbullah to Kill Civilians 2008-July-08
America Using Israel's Military Power to Scare Iranians, Europeans 2008-July-02
Thinking about Preventive Military Action Against Iran 2008-July-02
Ambassador to Ireland Slams Call for Israel Boycott 2008-June-27
Two Years in Terrorist Captivity2008-June-26
Rights Group: Donors Must Press Palestinian Rulers to End Human Rights Abuses 2008-June-24
International Law: What Does It Really Say? 2008-June-20
Human Rights Watch and the "Collective Punishment" Hoax 2008-June-18
The Legal Aspects of Jewish Rights to a National Home in Palestine 2008-June-06
Is an Attack on Iran a Big Risk?2008-May-23
Hamastan Must Go2008-May-16
Road Map to Nowhere2008-May-16
The Tehran-Berlin Axis 2008-May-15
The Myth of Occupied Gaza 2008-May-12
The Future of Israel Is the Future of the West2008-May-02
Prospects for "Flipping" the Syrian Regime 2008-April-29
Syria's Secret Nuclear Reactor2008-April-28
Ex-Mossad Head Defends Meshaal Plot2008-April-23
Israel to UN: Hamas Using Lull to Smuggle and Produce More Rockets2008-March-26
The Cold, Cold Heart of Hamas2008-March-19
Hamas Has Declared War on Israel - How Should Israel Respond? 2008-March-14
The Way of Terror and the Response2008-March-07
U.S. House of Representatives Condemns Rocket Attacks on Israel 2008-March-06
Responding to Hamas Attacks from Gaza - Issues of Proportionality2008-March-05
EU Condemns Israeli Attacks on Gaza2008-March-03
Collective Punishment and Newspeak2008-February-29
Is Israel Bound by International Law to Supply Utilities, Goods, and Services to Gaza?2008-February-28
HRW's Cluster Munitions Report2008-February-19
Settlements and International Law2008-February-15
Russia Warns Iran on Missiles, Uranium Enrichment2008-February-14
If They Fire on Us, We Have to Fight Back Without Hesitation 2008-February-13
International Law and Gaza: The Assault on Israel's Right to Self-Defense 2008-January-28
Breach in Gaza: Hamas Blockades the Peace Process 2008-January-25
The Gaza "Blackout" and the Laws of War2008-January-22
For New Jersey Pension Fund, No Iran-Linked Investments2008-January-08
Are Israeli Settlements Legal?2008-January-08
New Jersey Governor Receives Iranian Divestment Bill2007-December-27
Israeli Cluster Bombing Ruled Within the Law 2007-December-25
The Plight of Palestinian Christians 2007-December-21
The Strategic Significance of Har Homa2007-December-17
Hizb ut-Tahrir: A Rising Force among West Bank Palestinians2007-December-07

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