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Council on Foreign Relations

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Israel Gets No Credit from Obama for a Year of Moderate Settlement Construction 2014-March-14
CIA Director Brennan Says Syria Army Remains Resilient2014-March-13
Egypt's Move towards Russia Hints at Shifting Regional Alliances 2014-February-26
The U.S. Undercuts Its Own Power in Iran Nuclear Talks2014-February-19
The Cost of the "Peace Process"2014-February-14
Aiming for Israeli-Palestinian Peace 2014-January-17
Can Iran Become a Cooperative Partner in Regional Security?2014-January-16
The U.S. Needs a Deal with Iran, Not Detente2014-January-14
Don't Get Suckered by Iran: Fix the Problems with the Interim Accord2014-January-07
Israel, Palestine, and Democracy2013-December-18
A Sense of Letdown in Israel over U.S. Pledges on Iran2013-November-21
U.S. Relations with Allies in Free Fall2013-November-20
Negotiating with Revolutionary Iran2013-November-15
Sen. Menendez: U.S. Should Move Forward with New Iran Sanctions 2013-November-11
The U.S., Not Iran, Has the Upper Hand in Nuclear Negotiations2013-November-07
Is the U.S. Spilling Its Allies' Secrets?2013-November-04
What Is the U.S. Position Regarding the Legality of Israeli Settlements?2013-October-30
The World Must Tell Iran: No More Half-Steps2013-October-15
A Kinder, Gentler Iran?2013-September-23
America's Grand Strategy in the Middle East2013-August-26
It's Time to Hold Our Nose and Back Egypt's Military2013-August-21
Can Israel Depend on U.S. Security Guarantees? 2013-August-13
The War on Terror Is Here to Stay2013-August-07
The Democracy-Elections Trap in Egypt 2013-July-26
Iran's New President: What His Memoirs Tell Us2013-July-08
What If Israelis and Palestinians Get to the Table?2013-July-03
Where Are the Palestinian Concessions?2013-June-28
Elections Won't Change Iran2013-May-21
Why Europe Can't Bring Peace to the Middle East2013-April-22
The Best Red Line for a Nuclear Iran 2013-April-02
Obama in Israel: It's Not about the Lobby2013-March-20
The Meaning of Obama's Mideast Trip2013-March-19
End the Arab Boycott of Israel 2013-March-07
How to Save Syria from Al-Qaeda2013-February-27
Are Iran Sanctions Working? 2013-February-22
Obama's Trip to Jerusalem and the "Peace Process"2013-February-13
Ramallah and Riyadh 2013-January-11
Arafat and the Second Intifada2013-January-07
Is Al-Jazeera a News Network?2013-January-04
Is Education a Threat to Peace?2012-December-31
What Wingate Wrought2012-December-28
At the UN: Nine Resolutions Against Israel, Silence about Syrian Attacks on Palestinians 2012-December-21
Much Ado about Little: The E-1 Controversy 2012-December-05
Palestine's Muddled Statehood Strategy 2012-November-29
The Gaza War and Its Fallout2012-November-28
Israel and Hamas: The Diplomatic Dance Behind the Deal2012-November-23
Hamas Decided to Create a Crisis2012-November-19
Morsi's Dilemma2012-November-18
The U.S.-Israel Relationship: What's Love Got to Do with It? 2012-November-09
Israel and Gaza2012-October-29

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