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Prime Minister Netanyahu Outlines Israel's Achievements in the Gaza War2014-August-28
Qatar: Club Med for Terrorists2014-August-25
Pentagon: Islamic State Threat "Beyond Anything We've Seen" 2014-August-22
ISIS: The Real Threat 2014-August-22
U.S. Intelligence Officials Assess Islamic State Threat2014-August-15
U.S. Has a Chance to Stop the Islamic State 2014-August-15
U.S. Intelligence Chief Warns: The Threat of Islamic Terrorism Is Spreading2014-August-12
Fighters Abandoning al-Qaeda Affiliates to Join Islamic State, U.S. Officials Say2014-August-11
Hamas Doctrine: Detest Israel2014-August-06
The Hamas Threat to the West Is No Different from the Islamic State2014-August-05
Do You Understand the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?2014-August-05
Islamic State Now Controls Unmatched Resources and Territory2014-August-04
Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror2014-July-30
Who Is the Real Enemy?2014-July-30
With Israel, the World Is Blaming the Victims2014-July-29
Meet the Hamas Billionaires 2014-July-27
Gloves Come Off between Syrian Regime, Islamic State 2014-July-23
The Similarity between Hamas and ISIS 2014-July-17
Terrorists Working on "Creative" New Designs for Bombing Commercial Planes 2014-July-04
ISIS Poses Threat Beyond Iraq2014-July-04
Sunnis Who Battled Al-Qaeda in Iraq Now Being Slaughtered by ISIS2014-July-03
In Middle East, Concerns about Islamic Extremism on the Rise2014-July-02
Al-Qaeda Splinter Declares New Islamic Caliphate2014-June-30
Lieberman to Kerry: Mideast Ripe for Regional Deal 2014-June-27
Who Is Supporting ISIS?2014-June-25
Young Islamists Admire ISIS for Its Brutality2014-June-25
Iran's Leader Says Tehran and Washington Not Aligned on Iraq 2014-June-23
Jordan: Traffic Halted at Iraqi Border2014-June-23
U.S. Taps Old Allies for New Iraq War2014-June-23
Could ISIS Take Jordan Next?2014-June-23
When Authority Erodes in the Sunni Middle East, Al-Qaeda Terrorists Gain Traction 2014-June-19
Video: We Have Three Young People Whose Lives Are in Danger - The Clock Is Ticking2014-June-17
Jordan Prepares to Contain Fallout from ISIS Advance2014-June-17
The Loss of Mosul Was Predictable2014-June-17
Getting Fooled by Iran in Iraq2014-June-16
A War Against the Jews2014-June-13
The Middle East's Mounting Danger2014-June-12
Iraqi Drama Catches U.S. Off Guard2014-June-12
ISIS Fields 7,000-10,000 Fighters2014-June-12
We Are Losing the War on Terror2014-June-12
Insurgents Seize Iraqi City of Mosul as Troops Flee2014-June-11
The Return of Al-Qaeda2014-June-11
Syrian Rebel Infighting Kills 6302014-June-10
U.S. Weapons Sent to Rebels in April Ended Up with Al-Qaeda2014-June-06
A Persistent Threat: Number of Jihadist Fighters and Attacks Has Increased Since 20102014-June-06
Syria Islamist Eclipsing Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri as Jihadi Leader2014-June-05
Iran Launches "Hizbullah Syria" to Open a New Front Against Israel on the Golan Heights2014-June-03
Jordan Jails 11 Islamists over U.S. Embassy Plot2014-May-29
Muslim Brotherhood Activities Need to Be Probed in Canada, Report Says2014-May-29
Obama Close to Authorizing Military Training of Syrian Rebels2014-May-28

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