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Historiahn: New Evidence Shows FDR Derailed Many Holocaust Rescue Plans2019-November-08
Global Jewish Population in 2019: 14.6 Million2019-September-06
Israel Welcomes Ethiopian Prime Minister to Jerusalem2019-September-03
Video - American Liberal Jews: Strong Concern about Anti-Semitism, Strong Support of Israel but Less for under 60s2019-August-02
The Mufti's War Against the Jews 2019-July-26
The Nazis Who Saved the Lubavitcher Rebbe 2019-July-19
If Only the Palestinian Leadership Really Wished for Peace2019-June-27
Rashida Tlaib Has Her History Wrong2019-May-15
Picketing Cape Town's Jewish Groups in the Name of Palestinians 2019-April-09
Are Jews Too Powerful? 2019-March-29
The Dual-Loyalty Canard2019-March-15
Outlaw Hizbullah: What Took So Long?2019-February-27
Why Americans Support Israel2019-February-12
Australia's Recognition of Jerusalem Hardly Warrants the Hysteria 2018-December-21
Hungary, Israel in Talks over Controversial Holocaust Museum in Budapest2018-December-06
America's Forgotten Pogroms2018-November-09
Selling Oslo to the Jewish Community 2018-September-14
A Jewish Fighter Remembers the Bialystok Ghetto Uprising 2018-August-24
Malcolm Hoenlein's 50-Year Career Helping the Jewish People Survive 2018-May-28
Arab Leaders to Blame for Palestinian Plight 2018-May-25
Together and Apart: Israeli Jews' Views on their Relationship to American Jews and Religious Pluralism 2018-May-24
The Media War on Palestinian Free Will 2018-May-15
Explaining Zionism to Palestinians2018-May-04
Report Warns of Resurgent Global Anti-Semitism2018-April-12
World Jewish Population Has Still Not Recovered from the Holocaust2018-April-11
Australian Labor Party at Odds with Voters 2018-March-16
Book Review: The Book Smugglers of Vilna 2018-February-02
Should the U.S. Cut Aid to the Palestinians? 2018-January-26
Pro-Israel Groups Slam Abbas for "Anti-Semitic" Speech 2018-January-17
The Israeli Government and the Jewish People2017-November-29
Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely Apologizes for Comments about American Jewry2017-November-24
Sadat and Begin - The Peacemakers2017-November-20
Israeli Lawmaker Doesn't Want Trove of Jewish Artifacts Returned to Iraq2017-September-29
Iraqi Jewish Archive Must Not Be Returned2017-September-18
Recognizing a Palestinian State before a Peace Agreement with Israel Undermines the International Rule of Law2017-August-11
UK Reports Record Number of Anti-Semitic Incidents2017-July-28
Arabs Always Rejected the Idea of a Home for Jews, and They Still Do 2017-June-07
Heinrich Himmler's Telegram of November 2, 1943, the Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, to Amin al-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem 2017-April-24
The Forgotten Holocaust in the Soviet Union 2017-January-27
Jewish National Rights Were Internationally Recognized Long Before the Holocaust2016-August-15
Elie Wiesel's Great Mission on Behalf of Soviet Jews2016-July-05
Yemeni Authorities Jail Jewish Man over Airlifted Torah 2016-March-25
Former Secretary of State George Shultz: A Great Friend of Israel2016-February-22
Theater of the Palestine Solidarity Movement2015-November-12
Netanyahu on the Role of the Mufti of Jerusalem in the Nazi Final Solution2015-October-22
Understanding the Language of Murder2015-October-16
Palestinians Too Honest in their Hatred to Hold Our Sympathy 2015-April-17
Canary in the Coal Mine2015-January-16
Israel Must Put Security First2014-September-11
Israel's Eastward Shift2014-May-26

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