Young Americans Must Oppose Antisemitism and Support Modern Israel

(Washington Times) Donald Sweeting - There are more reports that American universities have become the new breeding ground for anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias. Young evangelical Christians should never forget the Jewish roots of their faith. Most of our Bible is the Hebrew Scriptures. Without the Jews, we would have no Old Testament. Through the Jews, God gave the law of Moses and the Ten Commandments. We share the same hymnbook - the Psalms. Without the Jews, we have no Mary, no Joseph and no Jesus. Israel is a guardian of worldwide Jewry today. After the Holocaust, when other nations would not guarantee a secure refuge, the UN saw fit to approve a separate homeland for the Jews. Israel has now become not only America's best ally in the Middle East but also a democratic beacon in a tumultuous region. The writer serves as chancellor of Colorado Christian University.

2022-12-29 00:00:00

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