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A Purim Lesson at the White House2020-March-10
Columbia University President Condemns Anti-Semitism and Opposes Divestment from Israel2020-March-09
Israeli Celebrities Not Spared from Coronavirus Quarantine2020-March-06
"Never Again" Means Standing Up for Israel2020-March-04
Shi'ite Azerbaijan's Historic Speech at AIPAC2020-March-02
The Post-Modern, Anti-Jewish Reconfiguration of the West2020-March-02
Israelophobia and the West: The Hijacking of Civil Discourse on Israel and How to Rescue It2020-March-02
A Plea Against "Anti-Semitism"2020-February-28
European Jewish Group Unveils Plan to Counter Anti-Semitism amid Rise in Attacks2020-February-27
Survey: 1 in 5 Europeans Says Secret Jewish Cabal Runs the World2020-February-27
U.S. Criticizes French Failure to Try Jewish Woman's Killer2020-February-25
Anti-Israel Protesters at Berkeley Disrupt Talk by Holocaust Scholar Deborah Lipstadt2020-February-18
Anti-Semitic Incidents Spike in Netherlands2020-February-18
BDS Wins But Palestinians Lose2020-February-14
Anti-Semitic Incidents in Britain Hit New High 2020-February-06
Conference of Presidents: "U.S. Jewry's Sense of Security Has Been Penetrated"2020-February-06
ADL Study Finds There Is No Epidemic of Anti-Semitism in the U.S. 2020-January-31
Never Again? What about Palestinian Anti-Semitism?2020-January-29
UK Universities Face Cuts If They Reject Anti-Semitism Definition2020-January-28
Putin: In World War II, the Soviet Union "Paid the Highest Price"2020-January-24
Identifying Jews with "White" Privilege 2020-January-24
Israel as a Counterweight to Anti-Semitism 2020-January-24
Vice President Pence: We Must Stand Strong Against the Leading State Purveyor of Anti-Semitism - Iran2020-January-24
World Leaders Gather in Jerusalem to Mark Holocaust 2020-January-23
World Leaders Vow to Stand Against Racism, Anti-Semitism2020-January-23
Anti-Semitism Is a Cancer that Destroys Your Nations 2020-January-23
The Road to Auschwitz Was Paved with Collaboration 2020-January-23
Universal Lessons from Auschwitz2020-January-23
World Leaders Must Recognize that Anti-Semitism Is Unique 2020-January-21
Italy Adopts IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism 2020-January-20
The First Step to Fighting Anti-Semitism Is Recognizing How Irrational It Is 2020-January-17
Italian Opposition Leader Salvini Seeks to Combat Anti-Semitism2020-January-17
South Dakota Governor Signs Executive Order Prohibiting Israel Boycotts2020-January-16
The Campus Anti-Israel Craze2020-January-16
Labour's Defeat Has Not Ended Anti-Semitism 2020-January-03
We Thought Anti-Semitism Was No Threat to U.S. Jews. We Were Wrong2020-January-03
Understanding American Anti-Semitism - and Fighting Back 2020-January-03
American Jews, Meet Jewish History2020-January-03
How to Protect New York's Jews2020-January-01
Why Is Anti-Semitism Making a Comeback?2020-January-01
Jews Are Going Underground 2019-December-30
Why Are Seattle's Leaders Silent about Anti-Semitism? 2019-December-27
Video - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Every Decent Person in Britain Will Fight Resurgent Anti-Semitism2019-December-24
The Executive Order on Anti-Semitism Is Not Perfect, but It's Still Good for the Jews2019-December-24
German Lawmaker Behind Hizbullah Ban Says Move in "Our Own National Interest"2019-December-20
White House Explains How Its Anti-Semitism Executive Order Will Work in Practice2019-December-20
Why Was an Executive Order Needed to Combat Anti-Semitism in the U.S.?2019-December-20
I Cried When I Heard the British Election Exit Poll 2019-December-20
Thanking the Unsung Heroes Who Keep U.S. Synagogues Safe2019-December-20
U.S. Anti-Semitism Official: Harassment Is Not Free Speech2019-December-19

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