I Quit the BBC after 30 Years Because of Anti-Semitism

(Forward) Rabbi YY Rubinstein - On Jan. 3, 2022, I resigned from the BBC, where I have been a freelance broadcaster for over 30 years. I made many friends at the BBC and they were among the most gifted and kind people I ever worked with. But all that time I was aware of a culture of low-grade anti-Semitism that is present throughout the entire organization. On Nov. 29, 2021, on Hanukkah, at London's busiest shopping center, Oxford Street, a group of Chabad-affiliated teenagers left their tour bus and danced on the sidewalk in celebration of the holiday. They were quickly surrounded by a group of men who threatened them, screaming anti-Semitic abuse at them and giving Nazi salutes. The kids fled back inside the bus, terrified. When the BBC first reported the story, they alleged that the Jewish kids had shouted an anti-Muslim slur at their attackers, attempting to paint the victims as perpetrators. Numerous forensic experts who listened to the recording said that this claim was a complete lie. But even after this had been widely refuted, the BBC still refused to back down. The writer was the official campus rabbi for the 14 universities of the Northwest of England for 23 years.

2022-01-06 00:00:00

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