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Bernard Lewis: The Great Scholar of the Middle East Predicted Its Recent Convulsions2018-May-21
Israeli Intelligence Minister: Israel Helped Turkey Thwart ISIS Attacks 2018-May-17
Turkey and Israel Expel Envoys over Gaza 2018-May-16
Turks, Saudis, UAE Pouring Funds into East Jerusalem2018-May-03
Israeli President Visits Ethiopia 2018-May-03
Strengthening the Iran Nuclear Deal2018-April-26
Russians Buy Kurdistan's Oil Pipelines to Turkey2018-April-23
The Logic of the Chemical Attack in Syria2018-April-20
Jordan Authorities Stop Gaza Solidarity March in Amman2018-April-16
Turkey Expands Operations in Syria and Iraq2018-April-05
Arab Leaders Abandon the Palestinians 2018-April-03
Why Did Hamas Conduct a Wide-Scale Military Exercise in Gaza? 2018-March-30
Report: Turkey Mobilizing China's Muslims2018-March-29
Video: Israel and Syria: The UN and the Distortion of International Law2018-March-29
IDF Keeps Destroying Terror Tunnels from Gaza 2018-March-21
Donor Conference on UNRWA Funding Gets $100 Million in Aid Pledges2018-March-16
U.S. Could Finish Off ISIS If Turkey Would Stop Fighting the Kurds, Pentagon Says 2018-March-16
Is Favoring Israel an American National Security Interest?2018-March-14
Palestinian Authority to Sue U.S. at International Criminal Court over Jerusalem Recognition 2018-March-13
U.S. Pares Back Use of Turkish Base amid Strains with Ankara2018-March-12
Syrian Rebels Are Using the Turkish Offensive to Settle Scores with Kurds2018-March-09
Saudi Crown Prince Sees Turkey as Part of a "Triangle of Evil" in the Middle East 2018-March-08
Erdogan's Rising Islamist Militarism in Turkey2018-March-07
Pentagon: Operations Against ISIS in Syria _Paused_ as Kurdish Troops Shift to Fight Turkish Forces2018-March-06
More Turkish Jews Seek New Life in Israel 2018-March-06
Iranian Hacking Group Is Expanding Operations in the Middle East2018-March-02
In Syria, a Moment to Turn Back Iranian Aggression 2018-February-23
In Long-Secular Turkey, Sharia Is Gradually Taking Over2018-February-23
Hamas: Abbas' UN Speech Does Not Reflect the Palestinian National Consensus2018-February-22
Hamas Rules Out Mohamed Dahlan as Abbas' Successor2018-February-22
Egypt Gas Deal a Cause for Celebration2018-February-22
How to Tackle the Biggest Obstacle to Finishing the War with the Islamic State 2018-February-20
UAE Leaders Tell Jewish Leaders of Concerns about Turkey, Iran Expansionism2018-February-19
Cyprus Says Turkey Blocks Gas Drill Ship2018-February-13
Assad Quietly Aids Syrian Kurds Against Turkey2018-February-13
Israel: Hamas Funneling Terror Funds through Turkey2018-February-13
France Says All Iranian Militias, including Hizbullah, Must Leave Syria 2018-February-09
Far from Winding Down, Syria's War Escalates on Multiple Fronts2018-February-09
Hoenlein: Iran and Turkey Are Trying to Carve Up the Region 2018-February-08
Hundreds of U.S.-Backed Fighters Leave ISIS Battle in Syria to Confront Turkey's Offensive Against Kurds 2018-February-07
Thousands of ISIS Fighters in Syria Flee to Fight Another Day2018-February-05
Video: The Brewing Conflict along the Red Sea2018-February-02
U.S. General to Turkey: We Won't Abandon Allies Fighting ISIS on the World's Behalf2018-January-31
Behind Turkey's Military Incursion into Syria 2018-January-31
Palestinians to Take Trump's Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan to International Court of Justice2018-January-30
Turkey Is Threatening the Only Competent Pro-Western Militia in Syria2018-January-30
With More Islamic Schooling, Erdogan Aims to Reshape Turkey2018-January-26
Trump Warns Turkey Against Military Strikes in Syria2018-January-25
Turkish Attacks on Kurds in Syria Could Reinvigorate Islamic State2018-January-25
Turkey's Expansionist Military Policies in the Middle East2018-January-25

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