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Undermining Mahmud Abbas: The "Green Revolution" and the Hamas Strategy to Take Over the Palestinian Authority2005-April-15
Concerns Over Gaza Disengagement2005-April-11
The Threat of an Overpowering Islamic Fundamentalist Regime in Iraq2005-April-07
Hamas to Join the PLO2005-April-01
A Jihadist's Tale: How a Young Jordanian Left His American Life and Died an Insurgent in Iraq2005-April-01
A Better Model Than Beirut 2005-April-01
Can Abbas Deliver?2005-March-21
Time to Take Saudi Arabia Seriously 2005-March-17
The Muslim Brotherhood's Conquest of Europe 2005-March-15
Is There an Enemy Within?2005-March-04
A Cold War Approach to Beating Radical Islamists 2005-February-25
Militants Hold Key to Mideast Peace2005-February-22
Changing Middle East Pathology 2005-February-18
How Egypt Molded Modern Radical Islam2005-February-16
Abbas Declares War With Israel Effectively Over2005-February-14
Rights Lawyer Convicted of Helping Terrorists2005-February-11
In Netherlands, Anti-Islamic Polemic Comes With a Price2005-February-01
Militant Groups Embracing Gaza Vote 2005-January-26
Islam's Claim on Spain 2005-January-21
The Case Against Arab Bank 2005-January-07
Palestinian Stirrings2005-January-03
Radical Islam in The Netherlands: A Case Study of a Failed European Policy 2004-December-31
Lawyer Accused of Plotting With Sheik2004-December-30
Europe's Muslims May Be Headed Where the Marxists Went Before2004-December-28
Dutch Intelligence Warns of Islamist Threat2004-December-24
Israel Willing to Return to "Roadmap"2004-December-15
ATMs Help Finance Islamic Radicals in Europe2004-December-10
Palestinian Radical Groups in Damascus Turn Down Abbas's Call for Truce 2004-December-08
Umm el-Fahm for the Jordan Valley?2004-December-03
Confronting a New Battlefield in Thailand2004-November-30
A Democratic Palestine2004-November-15
French Push Limits in Fight on Terrorism2004-November-02
The Global Challenges Ahead2004-November-02
Mideast Contemplates Arafat Exit2004-November-01
What the Terrorists Have in Mind2004-October-29
Syrian Named as Mastermind of Madrid Attacks2004-October-27
Officials Fear Iraq's Lure for Muslims in Europe 2004-October-25
Why Al-Qaeda Will Dominate the European Union 2004-October-22
Muslim Faith Draws Converts from NZ Prisons2004-October-21
What Defines Moderate Islam?2004-October-19
Israel's Options for Iran2004-October-08
A New Chapter in Balkan History2004-October-01
The Impact of the War in Iraq on Islamist Groups and the Culture of Global Jihad 2004-September-24
Saudi Arabia's Religious Hatred2004-September-24
The Wahhabi Koran Targets Jews and Christians2004-September-21
Russia's Gathering Storm2004-September-14
The Whole World Is Watching2004-September-13
Empirical Hubris: How "Anonymous" Disguises the Real Threat to the West and Damages the CIA2004-September-13
We Can Win - and We Must2004-September-08
Wahhabi Follower Behind Russian Hostage Crisis 2004-September-03

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