The Threat of an Overpowering Islamic Fundamentalist Regime in Iraq

(Kurdistan Regional Government/Noticias-Spain) Baqi Barzani - While the resistance to U.S. occupation is indigenous to some degree, it is being driven mostly by foreign jihadists. Saudi [Arabia] is the greatest manufacturer and exporter of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism in the form of Wahhabism (radical, anti-West Islamic teachings) and propagation and enormous financial support for terrorist organizations operating in Iraq. Similarly, Iran considers an escalation of the Jihad for the freedom of Iraq a key to the assertion of its own strategic importance, mostly under the auspices of its own Islamic bloc. Iraqi Muslims generally express a loathing for Wahhabis, Salafis, or Saudi-inspired ultra-fundamentalists under any other name.

2005-04-07 00:00:00

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