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We Will Pay a Terrible Price for Supporting Hamas2014-August-05
Hamas Lost Big2014-August-04
Gaza Fighting Is "Proxy War" for Entire Mideast2014-August-03
How to Think About the New Middle East 2014-August-01
The Cheap Cement Goes to Building Gaza Homes, the Good Cement to Build the Tunnels 2014-August-01
The "Something Worse than Hamas" Myth2014-July-31
Meet the Hamas Billionaires 2014-July-27
Both Egypt and Israel Want to Subdue Hamas2014-July-27
The Gaza War: When Strategies Collide2014-July-25
If Israel Is Forced to End Gaza Ground Operation Prematurely, Arabs May Perceive Hamas as Winner2014-July-23
Diplomatic Divide Saps U.S. Push for Mideast Cease-Fire 2014-July-20
Hamas Got Rich as Gaza Was Plunged into Poverty 2014-July-16
Egyptians Hoping Israel Will Destroy Hamas2014-July-14
How Long Can Israel's Air Campaign Go On?2014-July-11
History Is Repeating Itself in Gaza, but this Time Israel Can Seriously Damage Hamas2014-July-10
Palestinian Rockets Reach Further into Israel2014-July-09
Behind the Rioting in Jerusalem 2014-July-04
Sissi's Election as President: What Does It Mean for Egypt?2014-June-06
Who Was Left Off the Guest List for Sissi's Inauguration?2014-June-06
The Mirage of Political Islam 2014-June-06
Hamas Pays Palestinians to Harass Jews at Temple Mount in Jerusalem 2014-May-30
Muslim Brotherhood Activities Need to Be Probed in Canada, Report Says2014-May-29
Hamas Leader Meets Iranian Official in Qatar2014-May-26
Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Condemns "Renegade" General's Coup2014-May-23
The Muslim Brotherhood Thinks It's Winning2014-May-21
Can Islamists Transit from Dictatorship to Democracy?2014-May-20
Egypt's Sisi Asks for U.S. Help in Fighting Terrorism 2014-May-16
Egyptian Governor Blames Obama for Burned Churches2014-May-09
On Egypt and Hamas2014-May-02
Abbas Pumps New Life into Hamas2014-May-01
Egyptian Court Sentences Top Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Death2014-April-29
Al-Qaeda Chief Urges Kidnappings of Americans2014-April-28
Smoke and Mirrors: The Palestinian Coffee House Verdict on the Unity Deal with Hamas2014-April-27
Ending Illusion of Peace-Seeking Abbas2014-April-25
Why the Middle East Matters2014-April-24
The Sources of Egyptian Anti-Semitism2014-April-23
The Middle East War on Christians2014-April-18
Egypt Clamps Hold over Mosques to Control Message 2014-April-17
Britain to Probe Muslim Brotherhood2014-April-01
Obama Seeks to Calm Saudis as Paths Split 2014-March-28
The U.S.-Saudi Relationship Really Is Too Big to Fail2014-March-26
The Saudis See Iran Trying to Encircle Them2014-March-26
Qatar Prepares for Sanctions If Brotherhood Dispute Escalates 2014-March-17
Egyptian Clampdown Leaves Hamas Government in Gaza on Brink of Bankrupcy 2014-March-07
Hamas and BDS 2014-March-05
Egyptian Field Marshal Sisi: A Profile 2014-February-28
Egypt's Move towards Russia Hints at Shifting Regional Alliances 2014-February-26
Israel Waits for Egypt to Deal with Terrorists in Sinai2014-February-19
Jordan Islamists Protest as King Meets Obama2014-February-17
Egypt Arrests Local U.S. Embassy Employee Responsible for Contacts with Muslim Brotherhood 2014-February-14

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