Reconstruction in Return for Demilitarization

(Ynet News) Zvi Hauser - Even after the destruction of the Hamas tunnels, the main goal of Operation Protective Edge remains unchanged: A strategic change in Gaza. The operation cannot be concluded without achieving a real change in the balance of power in favor of Israel, which will be based on effective demilitarization. A rare strategic opportunity has been created: a dismantled Syria, a Hizbullah confined to a different front, an Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood trauma, and an Israeli national unity creating rare national strength. All these will not repeat themselves and are making a different kind of achievement possible. Israel must make it clear, as soon as possible, that Gaza's reconstruction will be attached to the Strip's effective demilitarization: If a cement and concrete truck enters from the Israeli side, a rocket truck exits from the Egyptian side. There are thousands of rockets and tens of thousands of mortar shells left in Gaza. The extent of the reconstruction must be linked to the depth of the demilitarization. The writer served as Israel's cabinet secretary (2009-2013).

2014-08-06 00:00:00

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