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Belgium Supports Illegal Construction in the West Bank and Then Demands Compensation 2020-November-26
BBC Ignores Impartiality Guidelines in Report on Jerusalem Housing Construction2020-November-19
Israel Rejects Belgian Demand to Compensate for Razing Palestinian Homes 2020-November-12
Washington Experts View Revival of Iran Nuclear Deal2020-November-12
The U.S. Deploys Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System2020-November-12
Netanyahu Congratulates Biden, Thanks Trump2020-November-09
U.S. to Permit Funding for Cooperative Projects in Israeli West Bank Communities 2020-October-29
Could a New U.S. Government Undo Trump's Policy toward the Palestinians? 2020-October-29
EU Funding to Palestinian and Israeli NGOs2020-October-22
Six Israeli Tech Companies Surpass $2 Billion Valuation This Year 2020-October-08
The Palestinian Leadership Has Lost Support in the Arab and Muslim World 2020-October-08
How Denmark, Sweden, the UN, and the EU Got Suckered into Funding a Terror Organization 2020-September-24
Jewish and Pro-Israel Groups Welcome Israel-Bahrain Normalization Agreement2020-September-14
Erdogan Presenting Himself as Leader of Muslim World 2020-September-10
Can Israelis Tame the Chinese Lion? 2020-September-10
Lawsuit over Ann Arbor Synagogue Protests Headed to U.S. Court of Appeals 2020-September-07
How to Dismantle the Distorted Western Discourse on Israel2020-September-07
Hamas Moves Seek to Shore Up Domestic Support 2020-September-03
Seismological Data: Six Explosions before Massive Beirut Blast2020-August-17
PA Calls Installation of Elevator for Disabled People at Holy Site a War Crime2020-August-13
What We Know about the Blasts in Beirut2020-August-10
Hamas Leader: "Palestine Must Stretch from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea"2020-August-06
Hamas Prioritizing Naval Attack Force Build-Up 2020-August-03
Huge Kingdom of Judah Complex Found near U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem2020-July-23
The Alignment of BDS and Black Lives Matter: Implications for Israel and Diaspora Jewry 2020-July-20
EU Builds for Palestinians in Area C2020-July-16
Why Did the Camp David Peace Talks Fail 20 Years Ago?2020-July-16
Israel-U.S. R and D Foundation Invests $8 Million in New Projects2020-July-13
The U.S. Should Take Sudan Off Its State Sponsors of Terrorism List 2020-July-13
Palestinian Authority Schools Edit Out Christians and Jews from Textbooks2020-July-06
Israel Wields Startup Tech Against Coronavirus 2020-July-02
Report: Syria Raids Aim to Thwart Iranian Attempts to Develop Precision Missiles2020-June-29
Undocumented Foreign Funding of American Universities: Implications for Education and Rising Anti-Semitism 2020-June-29
Israeli Strikes in Syria Are Message to Assad and Tehran 2020-June-26
ISIS in Sinai: A Persistent Threat for Egypt2020-June-24
Turkey's Intrusion into Jerusalem 2020-June-19
EU Nixes Grant to Palestinian NGO that Refused to Sign Anti-Terror Clause2020-June-18
Israel and the Precision-Guided Missile Threat 2020-June-16
Riots in Jaffa over Land Once Used as Muslim Cemetery2020-June-15
Coronavirus Pandemic Brings New Uses for Augmented Reality2020-June-05
Iran Presents the "Final Solution" - to the Question of Palestine2020-May-27
Applying Israeli Sovereignty to Parts of Judea and Samaria according to the U.S. Peace Plan - Implications2020-May-21
The Palestinians Should Move Fast toward Negotiations. Time Is Not on Their Side2020-May-19
S and P: Israeli Economy to "Absorb" Coronavirus Shock 2020-May-18
U.S. to Israel: No More Chinese Deals2020-May-15
Russia Wants a Diplomatic Victory in Syria. Iran and Assad Are in Its Way2020-May-15
Moves to Extend Israeli Sovereignty to Parts of West Bank Shouldn't Have Come as a Surprise. It Is, after all, the Cradle of Judaism 2020-May-12
The Real Victims of the International Criminal Court's Obsession with Israel 2020-May-11
Is Israel's Strategy Against Iran in Syria Working? 2020-May-08
Unsung Jewish Heroes Who Helped UK in Battle of Britain 2020-May-08

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