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Shimon Shapira

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The Significance of the First Hizbullah Attack against Israeli Forces since 2006 2014-October-13
Did Iran Scuttle the Cease-Fire in Gaza? 2014-August-03
Hizbullah's Plan for Underground War on Israel2014-July-25
Israel Cannot Ignore the Iranian Threat 2014-June-24
Iran Plans Militia Force for Syrian Golan to Operate Against Israel2014-June-20
Iran Launches "Hizbullah Syria" to Open a New Front Against Israel on the Golan Heights2014-June-03
Is Hizbullah about to Withdraw from Syria?2014-January-29
Iran Honors Hizbullah Commanders - Further Details 2014-January-15
Hizbullah - Outpost of the Iranian Revolution2013-November-22
Iran's New Defense Minister: Behind the 1983 Attack on the U.S. Marine Corps Barracks in Beirut2013-August-12
Iran Responds to Europe's Blacklisting of Hizbullah 2013-July-31
Iran's Plans to Take Over Syria2013-May-02
Hizbullah and the Assassination of the Iranian General in Syria2013-February-21
Nasrallah's Demons2012-November-16
Hizbullah Threatens to Strike Strategic Israeli Targets 2012-September-25
Will Lebanon Help Iran Circumvent Sanctions? 2012-May-22
Hizbullah Discusses Its Operational Plan for War with Israel: Missile Fire on Tel Aviv and Conquest of the Galilee 2011-November-02
Hizbullah's Predicament in Light of Syria's Decline2011-August-01
Hizbullah's Veneration of Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei2011-June-20
Iran Sends a Signal to Obama through Beirut 2011-January-13
Ahmadinejad in Lebanon 2010-October-27
Lebanon: Ayatollah Fadlallah's Death and the Expansion of Iranian Hegemony2010-July-21
The Fantasy of Hizbullah Moderation 2010-May-24
Has Hizbullah Changed? The 7th Hizbullah General Conference and Its Continued Ideology of Resistance2009-December-15
Netanyahu Never Agreed to Withdraw from the Entire Golan Heights2009-September-10
Defending the Golan Heights2009-May-07
Hizbullah's Struggle to Change the Lebanese Regime 2009-May-01
Averting Iranian Influence in Post-War Gaza: The Rehabilitation Issue2009-January-19
Lebanon's Ayatollah Fadlallah and the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva Attack in Jerusalem2008-March-11
The Nexus Between Iranian National Banks and International Terrorist Financing2008-February-15
Countdown to Conflict: Hizballah's Military Buildup and the Need for Effective Disarmament 2006-August-21

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