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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Palestinians Want a Geneva Accord Against Israel2013-December-04
Palestinian Peace Negotiators Resign, Israel Unfazed 2013-November-14
Kerry: U.S. Considers Israeli Settlements to Be "Illegitimate" 2013-November-07
PA Wants EU, UN, Russia Involved in Peace Talks2013-November-06
Palestinian Negotiating Team Hasn't Quit 2013-November-04
Abbas, Hamas, Flirting with Syria's Assad 2013-October-24
PLO: Battle for Succession Has Begun2013-October-21
Arabs Boycott Jerusalem Municipal Elections2013-October-17
PLO Official: Palestinians "Seriously Considering" Declaring Failure of Peace Talks 2013-October-10
What Abbas Missed in His UN Speech2013-October-04
Israel Protests to U.S. over "Palestinian Authority Incitement" 2013-September-24
Palestinian Groups Campaign Against the Peace Process 2013-September-23
Does Jordan Want Palestinians in Control of the Border? 2013-September-20
Jordan Says No to Hamas2013-September-20
PA Campaigns Against Jews at Temple Mount 2013-September-13
Peace Talks: Behind the Palestinian Leaks 2013-September-12
Fatah-Aligned Aksa Martyrs Brigades Call for Terror Attacks Against Israel 2013-September-11
Israel Approves 5,000 More Palestinian Work Permits 2013-September-09
Video: Border Police Come Under Attack in West Bank, Three Palestinians Killed 2013-August-27
Abbas: No Progress in Peace Talks with Israel 2013-August-23
Where Muslims Can Speak Freely in the Middle East 2013-August-23
Israeli and Palestinian Negotiators Hold Unannounced Jerusalem Meetings2013-August-21
Activists Launch Egypt-Style Campaign to Overthrow Hamas in Gaza2013-August-20
Palestinians Accuse Peace Negotiators of Treason2013-August-20
20,000 Palestinians Work in Israeli Settlements2013-August-16
Egypt Blockades Gaza: Where Are the Flotillas?2013-August-09
Palestinians Dismiss Prisoner Release as a "Bribe" 2013-August-06
Ramallah vs. the "Peace Process"2013-August-02
Iran Enters the Peace Process2013-July-30
PA Holds Official Funeral for Terrorist Who Murdered 14 Israelis 2013-July-18
Palestinians Protest Against Normalization with Israel2013-July-16
Hamas Denies Its Fighters Were Killed in Sinai 2013-July-12
Fatah Condemns Palestinians Who Met with Israelis in Ramallah2013-July-10
Palestinians: "No Jews Allowed"2013-June-26
Lebanon's Apartheid Laws2013-June-25
Abbas Accepts PA Prime Minister Hamdallah's Resignation2013-June-24
PA Snarled in Internal Dispute over New Prime Minister's Power2013-June-21
PA Objects to Israel's Plan for Egalitarian Section at Western Wall2013-June-18
The Palestinian Authority's Reign of Terror 2013-June-14
Palestinians Threaten Their Own Businessmen 2013-June-07
Radical Islam Arrives in Ramallah 2013-June-06
Why Abbas Chose a New Palestinian Prime Minister 2013-June-04
Palestinians: Kerry Trying to Bribe Us to "Sell Out"2013-May-30
Who is Really Desecrating Holy Sites in Jerusalem?2013-May-24
11 Palestinians Died in PA, Hamas Detention in 20122013-May-22
Hamas Textbooks to Teach "Plans to Liberate Palestine"2013-May-22
PA Skeptical of Kerry's Efforts to Revive Peace Process2013-May-21
Report Documents 28 Cases of Torture in PA Prisons Last Month2013-May-20
Fatah Threatens Palestinian Teens Who Played Soccer with Israelis2013-May-16
Palestinians in Syria Killed, Injured, Displaced - Media Yawn2013-May-10

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