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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Western Media Ignore Palestinian Tragedy in Syria2019-January-10
PA Halts Payments to Hundreds of Gazans 2019-January-08
Hamas-Fatah Tensions Rise2019-January-04
Palestinian-American Sentenced to Life in Prison by PA for Selling Property to Jews2019-January-01
Hamas: Silencing and Intimidating Critics2018-December-27
PA President Abbas Orders Reconstruction of House Demolished by IDF2018-December-17
The Hamas Plan to Take the West Bank 2018-December-14
Hamas: Armed Struggle Against Israel Will Continue2018-December-10
Abbas Orders Crackdown on Palestinians Who Sold Property to Jews 2018-November-27
Palestinian Leaders Have Radicalized Their People Against Any Peace Deal2018-November-23
Hamas Prefers to Preserve Achievements over All-Out War2018-November-14
Gaza Is a Separate Palestinian State2018-November-12
PA: No Change in Abbas' Stance toward Gaza Truce2018-November-09
Palestinian Threats to Arab Normalization with Israel 2018-November-07
Why Palestinians Do Not Have a Parliament2018-October-25
Senior Hamas Official: Hamas and Fatah Have Failed Their People2018-October-23
PA Arrests Palestinian-American for Property Sale to Jews 2018-October-19
The Palestinian Battle Against the Not Yet Announced U.S. Peace Plan 2018-October-19
PA Edict: Selling Property to Israelis Is "High Treason"2018-October-12
How Iran Plans to Take Gaza2018-October-10
Anti-Israel Group Calls on EU to Cancel Israeli-Palestinian Gathering2018-October-04
For Some Arabs, Ahed Tamimi Is No Longer an "Icon"2018-September-21
Palestinians in Ramallah Burn Photos of Trump, U.S. Officials2018-September-05
Palestinians Step Up Verbal Attacks on U.S. and Israel2018-August-31
Abbas Calls for Intensifying "Popular Resistance" Against Israel2018-August-20
PA Leader Abbas: We Will Thwart Trump's Peace Plan 2018-August-17
Fatah Warns Hamas Against Reaching Truce Accord with Israel 2018-August-06
PA Slams U.S. Ambassador's Condolence Call to Bereaved Family after West Bank Murder2018-August-01
Palestinian Religious Authorities Ban Participation in Jerusalem Municipal Election2018-July-31
Former PA Intelligence Chief: PA Security "Terrorizing Women, Children"2018-July-27
Palestinians Force U.S. Officials to Cancel West Bank Visit 2018-July-20
Why Iran Supports Palestinian Terror Groups 2018-July-20
Arab Community Leader Determined to Run in Jerusalem Municipal Election2018-July-13
Palestinian Authority: We'll Continue to Pay Prisoners and Their Families 2018-July-04
Palestinians Say Calling Jerusalem "Israel's Capital" Is Incitement2018-July-03
Palestinians Planning Mass Protests Against U.S. Peace Plan2018-July-02
The Palestinian Authority Is Complicit in Its Own Economic Stagnation2018-June-19
Study: BDS Does Palestinians More Harm than Good2018-June-18
West Bank Apathy amid Gaza Chaos 2018-April-10
Hamas Issues "Security Recommendations" for Gaza Clashes2018-April-04
23 Palestinians Killed in Syrian Civil War in March 2018-April-03
Why Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation Will Never Happen 2018-March-30
Hamas Seeks Alliance with Iran, Hizbullah to Foil U.S. Peace Plan2018-March-22
Palestinian Rejection Said to Delay U.S. Peace Plan 2018-March-22
Abbas Burning All Bridges, Shooting in All Directions2018-March-20
Report: Palestinians Believe U.S. Delaying Peace Plan for a Post-Abbas Era2018-March-19
Palestinians Call for "Day of Rage" Friday to Mark U.S. Jerusalem Recognition2018-March-16
Jordan Foils ISIS Plot to Attack Israeli Businessmen, U.S. Embassy 2018-February-28
Palestinians Attack U.S. Delegation in West Bank2018-February-23
Abbas Refuses Reconciliation until Hamas Cedes Control of Gaza2018-February-16

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