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Khaled Abu Toameh

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PA: Hamas Smuggled Millions in Cash into Gaza to Pay Police2006-October-26
Fatah-Hamas Clashes Continue in Gaza2006-October-23
IDF Preparing for Gaza Incursion2006-October-18
Olmert Tells Rice Israel Interested in Boosting Abbas2006-October-06
Hizballah Inspires 63% of Palestinians 2006-September-27
Palestinian PM: We Won't Recognize Israel2006-September-21
Gunmen Attack PA News Agency Office in Gaza 2006-September-20
Gazans Warn Pope to Accept Islam2006-September-19
PA Intelligence Official, Aides Slain in Gaza 2006-September-18
Hamas: Unity Government Won't Mean Israel's Recognition 2006-September-13
Poll: More Palestinians Support Terror2006-September-11
Syria Disrupting Negotiations on Return of Soldier Kidnapped to Gaza2006-September-08
PA Police Riot in Gaza, Break into Parliament2006-September-06
Hamas Denounces School Strike2006-September-04
Abbas to Gaza Rocket Crews: Stop Shooting "Pipes" at Israel2006-August-31
Palestinian Journalists in Gaza Protest Intimidation by Gunmen 2006-August-30
Hamas Spokesman: Palestinians Have Failed in Gaza2006-August-28
Fox Newsmen Held by Rogue Fatah Men2006-August-25
Islamic Caliphate May Be Declared in Gaza2006-August-24
Abbas Drops Plans to Deploy Anti-Rocket Force2006-August-22
Hizballah "Victory" Boosts Extremists 2006-August-14
Hizballah's Stock Continues to Rise in Palestinian Streets2006-August-04
Palestinian Anti-Rice Feeling Peaks2006-August-02
Palestinian Media Rally Support for Hizballah2006-August-01
Armed Palestinian Women Call for War2006-July-21
Fatah-Hamas Tensions Continue in Gaza2006-July-19
Arab World Fed Up with Hizballah2006-July-18
Palestinians Eager to Help Hizballah2006-July-16
Palestinians Welcome Hizballah Attack2006-July-13
Hamas-Fatah Tensions Intensify2006-July-11
Fatah's Al-Aksa Brigades Announce Female Bomber Unit2006-July-11
Soldier's Kidnapping Brings Fatah Closer to Hamas2006-July-04
Palestinian Militias Deploy in Gaza2006-June-28
Revised Palestinian Document Would Allow Attacks Inside Israel2006-June-28
Palestinian Prisoners' Families: Don't Release Soldier2006-June-27
Fatah Blames Hamas in Syria for Attack 2006-June-26
PA Plans to Weed Out "Collaborators" with Israel2006-June-20
Hamas: Probe Arms Transfer to Abbas2006-June-19
Fatah Seeks to Topple Hamas2006-June-16
Abbas Appoints Terrorist Fugitive to Head His "Presidential Guard"2006-May-31
Abbas to Hamas: Remove Your Police2006-May-18
Hamas Armed Force Readies for Action 2006-May-08
Hamas Brands Convergence a Declaration of War2006-May-05
Al-Qaeda Offshoot in Gaza Threatens PA Heads2006-May-01
PA on Verge of Bankruptcy, Civil War 2006-May-01
Hamas-Fatah Clash Involves PA Foreign Minister2006-April-24
The Hamas-Fatah War2006-April-23
Hamas to Form New Security Force in Gaza2006-April-21
Hamas Seeks Closure of Kalkilya YMCA2006-April-21
PA Calls New Hamas Security Force a "Declaration of War"2006-April-18

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