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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Abbas: No Room for Israelis in Palestinian State 2010-December-27
What Is the Difference Between Direct, Indirect and Parallel Talks?2010-December-21
The Miseries of the Arabs2010-December-14
PA Journalists Support Author of Western Wall Report2010-December-08
Arabs Rejoiced over Israeli Forest Fire2010-December-07
Blaze in Israel Delights Many in the Arab World 2010-December-06
PA Study Denying Jewish Rights at Western Wall Resurfaces2010-December-06
PA Removes Western Wall Report from Website2010-December-02
Fatah Declares Refusal to Recognize Israel as Jewish State, Opposes Land Swap Formula2010-November-29
Gaza's Women: Who Is Defending Their Rights?2010-November-25
PA Study Claims Jews Have No Right to Jerusalem's Western Wall2010-November-23
Why Many Palestinians Don't Miss Yasser Arafat2010-November-18
Abbas Vows to Walk in Arafat's Footsteps2010-November-12
Why Do Palestinians Attack Israeli Doctors and Ambulances? 2010-November-09
PA Indicts, Jails Palestinian Merchant for Buying from Jewish Settlement2010-November-05
How the PA Views Security 2010-October-29
Are Settlements Really the Major Obstacle to Peace? 2010-October-26
Why Is Everyone Lying to the Palestinian Refugees?2010-October-22
PLO Official Warns of Possible "Armed Resistance" If Talks Fail 2010-October-20
PA May Ask UN to Recognize State within '67 Borders2010-October-18
The Peace Process is Back: Prepare for War 2010-October-15
Hamas Interrogates Gaza Journalists, Closes Office 2010-October-13
Why Do Radical Muslims Want to Kill Europeans? 2010-October-08
Hizbullah Planning to Take Over Lebanon? 2010-October-08
Ask the Arabs of East Jerusalem: Should Jerusalem Be Redivided?2010-October-01
Hamas Leader: Arafat Ordered Hamas Attacks Against Israel in 2000 2010-September-29
PA Wants to Kill Palestinians Who Do Business with Jews 2010-September-27
Hamas Won't Let PA Manage Gaza Border Crossing2010-September-20
Gaza: Why Is Washington Sticking Its Head in the Sand?2010-September-17
PA Knows It Must Keep Talking Even If Building Freeze Ends2010-September-15
First, Deal with the Enemies of Peace2010-September-14
Abbas Says He "Can't Allow Even One Concession" 2010-September-07
What Egypt's Mubarak and Jordan's King Abdullah Want in Washington2010-September-03
Do Abbas and Fayyad Have a Mandate to Negotiate?2010-August-24
Mitchell Meetings Fail to Produce Direct Talks2010-August-12
Palestinian Factions Warn Abbas Not to Enter Direct Talks 2010-August-10
Palestinians in the Arab World: Why the Silence?2010-July-21
Hamas Arrests "Unrepentant Collaborators" 2010-July-09
Abbas Didn't Agree to Let Israel Control Western Wall in Jerusalem 2010-July-05
Abbas: Israel Must Accept 1967 Borders2010-July-02
Middle East Proximity Talks: Questions for Washington2010-June-29
The Palestinians: Who's Afraid of Elections? 2010-June-17
PA Outraged over Arab League Secretary-General Visit to Gaza2010-June-16
What About Hamas' Siege of Gaza? 2010-June-09
PA Won't Agree to Direct Talks with Israel2010-June-09
Turkey's Support of Hamas Worries PA 2010-June-08
Egypt Refuses to Let Aid into Gaza2010-June-07
Flotilla Aid Refused by Hamas 2010-June-03
Abbas: We Deal with U.S., Not Israel 2010-May-31
Growing Radicalization Among Israeli Arabs? 2010-May-28

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