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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Putin's Visit to Israel a Milestone 2005-April-27
Prime Minister Reports to Israeli Cabinet on U.S.2005-April-18
Israel's Atlantic Dimension2005-February-25
Peace in the Middle East Will Come from Within2005-February-11
First UN General Assembly Special Session Convened at Israel's Initiative 2005-January-24
Israeli NGO Recognized as UN Advisor2005-January-21
Russian Short-Range Missiles Could Tip the Power Balance in Favor of Syria2005-January-13
Israel May be Part of Wider Europe2004-December-10
Peace Can Only be Made with Adversaries Who Want to Make Peace2004-December-10
Just War, Failed Peace2004-October-27
Israel Remembers Yitzhak Rabin, 1922-19952004-October-26
Four Years of Conflict: Israel's War Against Terrorism2004-October-06
"Sukkah of Light" in Jerusalem 2004-September-29
Israeli Priorities for the 59th UN General Assembly2004-August-20
UN Hijacked Once Again2004-July-22
Anti-Terrorist Fence Cuts Samaria-Based Attacks by 90%2004-July-06
Rafah, Gateway to Terrorism2004-May-28
Rafah, Gateway to Terrorism 2004-May-21
Initial Israeli Response to Amnesty Report on Demolitions2004-May-18
Background: Abdel Aziz Rantisi2004-April-19
Observations: Letter from President Bush to Prime Minister Sharon 2004-April-15
Israel Will Continue to Fight Palestinian Terror with All Its Might2004-March-16
Israel's Center for International Cooperation 2004-March-10
FM Shalom: Israel to Build Fence Regardless of ICJ Decision2004-February-23
Israel Readies for PR Blitz in The Hague2004-February-18
ZAKA Wants to Send Blown Up Bus to The Hague2004-January-23
Israel Says Settlement Population Has Doubled Since '932003-December-31
The Question of Palestine2003-December-04
Israel's Response to the UN Road Map Resolution2003-November-20
Palestinians Murder U.S.-Born Hospital Emergency Room Director Dr. David Appelbaum2003-September-10
Mofaz: Israel May Boycott Abu Ala as "Arafat Lackey"2003-September-10
China Thanks Israel for Assistance in Controlling SARS2003-July-22
Jerusalem Views Hudna Irrelevant2003-June-27
Terrorist Attacks in Tel Aviv 2003-January-06
Israel Drafting Convention Against Suicide Attacks2002-November-26
IDF Soldiers Visit Berkeley2002-October-04
Dangerous Illusions: Reform of the Palestinian Authority2002-May-28

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