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Israel Defense Forces

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Unmanned Israeli Plane Hits Palestinian Mortar Crew2005-May-30
Israel and U.S. to Collaborate on Troop Carrier Upgrade 2005-May-27
Israel and U.S. to Collaborate on Troop Carrier Upgrade2005-May-27
Teenage Palestinian Suicide Bomber Arrested at Nablus Checkpoint2005-May-23
Hizballah Fires Mortar Barrage at Israel2005-May-23
Teenage Palestinian Suicide Bomber Arrested at Nablus Checkpoint 2005-May-23
Hizballah Fires Mortar Barrage at Israel2005-May-23
IDF Thwarts Attack on Gaza Strip Settlement 2005-May-20
Hamas Terrorist Dies in "Work Accident"2005-May-19
The Key Role of IDF Intelligence 2005-May-18
IDF: Terror Groups Will Target Israel After Pullout2005-May-17
IDF Attacks Hizballah Posts in Response to Shelling 2005-May-16
Ya'alon's Legacy2005-May-13
Initial Inquiry into Violent Riot Near Security Fence2005-May-06
Defense Analyst Charged With Sharing Secrets 2005-May-05
Handover of West Bank Towns on Hold2005-May-05
The Embattled Arab Bank2005-May-03
Palestinians Fire Three Rockets at Sderot in Israel 2005-April-27
Significant Increase in Terrorist Activity in the Gaza Strip2005-April-27
IDF Troops to Deploy in South to Halt Arms Smuggling2005-April-26
IDF Thwarting Most Terror Attacks2005-April-26
Hizballah Bomb Attack on Lebanese Border2005-April-25
IDF Arrests Palestinian Carrying Four Pipe Bombs2005-April-25
Palestinians Attack IDF Patrol on Israeli Side of Gaza Fence, One Wounded2005-April-22
IDF Officers: Cancellation of Special Security Zones May Lead to Terror2005-April-19
IDF Expects Terror to Increase After Disengagement2005-April-19
Prime Minister Reports to Israeli Cabinet on U.S.2005-April-18
IDF Expects Gaza Withdrawal Under Fire by Palestinians2005-April-18
Terror Attack in Jerusalem Thwarted2005-April-15
Six Soldiers Wounded in Riot Near Bethlehem 2005-April-14
Weapon Smuggling Attempt Thwarted Along Israeli-Egyptian Border2005-April-11
In Face of Mortars, Israel Grits Its Teeth2005-April-11
Abu Mazen Is Standing In Place2005-April-01
IDF Arrests Arms Smugglers at Philadelphi Route2005-March-30
Just-Released Terrorist Helped West Bank Cell Manufacture Kassam Rockets2005-March-29
Israel Halts Handover of West Bank Towns After PA Fails to Disarm Terrorists 2005-March-25
Defeating Arafat's War: The IDF's Success Against Asymmetric Warfare 2005-March-25
Israel: Disarming Militants Paramount2005-March-24
Can Abbas Deliver?2005-March-21
Experts: Syria Will Remain in Lebanon2005-March-09
Israel-PA to Discuss Transfer of Tulkarm 2005-March-08
Lingering Suspicions Hold Up Egyptian Deployment Along Egypt-Gaza Border2005-March-07
Israel Still Hunting Bomb Masterminds 2005-March-04
IDF Uncovers Rocket Lab in West Bank 2005-March-02
Hamas Terrorist Arrested in Nablus2005-February-22
Military Intelligence: Palesetinian Militants Planning Attacks Despite Cease-Fire2005-February-22
Series of Israeli Gestures to Ease Palestinians' Lives2005-February-09
The Palestinian "Temporary Cease-Fire": Israel's Political Risks and Opportunities with the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit Between Prime Minister Sharon and C2005-February-07
Not Before They Disarm2005-February-04
Triumph of Hope over Experience2005-February-04

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