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Israel Defense Forces

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IDF Kills Smuggler on Israel-Egypt Border2012-February-28
Israel, Egypt Working to Stop Hamas Attacks from Sinai2012-February-24
Fighting Fair: The Ethics of Warfare2012-February-24
Israeli Physician Acquitted of Libel against Mohammed al-Dura's Father2012-February-16
Obama's Dangerous Game with Iran 2012-February-13
Blind Terror Victim Volunteers for the IDF 2012-February-03
IDF Chief: Iran Calling for Israel's Destruction and Building the Tools to Do So2012-February-02
IDF Arrests Palestinian Prisoner Released in Shalit Swap 2012-February-01
Video: Lock and Load - The Work of an IDF Weapons Instructor2012-January-27
Both the PA and Israel Are Cracking Down on Hamas 2012-January-26
Hizbullah, Iran Preparing for "Day after" Assad2012-January-23
Video: IDF Aid Missions Save Thousands Around the World2012-January-20
Israeli Unmanned Naval Vessel2012-January-18
Israeli and U.S. Troops Gear Up for Major Missile Defense Drill 2012-January-06
Israeli Intelligence Played Role in Recent U.S. Warnings Against Iran2011-December-23
U.S. Commander Visits Israel to Finalize Missile Drill 2011-December-22
Veteran Israeli Diplomat: Beware the Arab Spring 2011-December-14
Video: Israel Air Force Targets Weapons Storage Facility in Gaza2011-December-13
How Israel's Defense Industry Can Help Save America2011-December-12
Sarkozy Says Anger with Netanyahu Caused by France's Exclusion from Shalit Release 2011-December-08
In the Field with Israelis Prepping for Disaster 2011-December-02
More Female Soldiers in More Positions in the IDF2011-December-02
Second Palestinian Convicted for Fogel Murders 2011-November-29
Israel Allows Construction Materials into Gaza to Rebuild Ten Factories2011-November-17
Israel Targets Long-Range Missile Squad in Gaza 2011-November-16
Nations Diverge on Pressing Iran2011-November-10
U.S. Support for Israel's Qualitative Military Edge 2011-November-08
Israel, U.S. to Embark on Largest Joint Exercise2011-November-08
In the War Against Terror, the Best Defense Remains the Offensive2011-November-06
Hizbullah Discusses Its Operational Plan for War with Israel: Missile Fire on Tel Aviv and Conquest of the Galilee 2011-November-02
The Problem Is Palestinian Rejectionism: Why the PA Must Recognize a Jewish State2011-November-02
Israel: A True Ally in the Middle East 2011-November-01
Israel Kills Palestinian Rocket Commander in Gaza 2011-October-31
IDF Develops New Protective Items for Families Living Under Rocket Fire 2011-October-31
Video: Israel Air Force F-15 Makes Emergency Landing after Bird Strike2011-October-11
IDF: Rock Throwing in West Bank Reaches New High2011-October-06
The Palestinians' Big Lie Machine2011-September-27
IDF Trains in Underground Tunnels 2011-September-21
Optimists Were Wrong About the Arab Spring2011-September-16
Shots Fired from Egypt toward IDF Vehicle on Israel Border 2011-September-12
U.S: Hamas Must Release Abducted Israeli Soldier Unconditionally 2011-September-08
Former Israel Navy Chief: Israel Can Defend Its Gas Fields2011-September-07
Virtual Fence to Be Set Up on Israel-Egypt Border 2011-September-02
Israel Deploys Third Iron Dome Anti-Rocket Battery2011-September-01
How Iran Keeps Assad in Power in Syria2011-August-30
Barak: Israel Won't Let Egypt Deploy More Troops in Sinai at the Present2011-August-29
UN Delays Gaza Flotilla Report, Following Request by Turkey2011-August-23
Coordinated Terrorist Attacks on Egyptian Border Kill 82011-August-19
Israel Won't Augment Ground Forces Despite Mideast Turmoil 2011-August-19
At Least Six Israelis Killed, 25 Injured in Terrorist Attacks Near Egyptian Border2011-August-18

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