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Israel Defense Forces

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International Solidarity Movement Culpable in the Death of Rachel Corrie2012-August-28
Egypt: Army Operation in Sinai "Well-Coordinated" with U.S. and Israel2012-August-22
Netanyahu to Cairo: Remove Egyptian Tanks from Sinai2012-August-21
Muslim Hotel Owner Discriminated Against Jewish Group, U.S. Jury Finds2012-August-17
Israel Shifts Defense Focus after Arab Spring 2012-August-16
Egypt's Morsi Replaces Military Chiefs in Bid to Consolidate Power2012-August-13
Report: Israel Will Have to Tackle Iran Alone2012-August-13
IDF Chief: Egypt Border Attack Shows Need for Preparedness2012-August-10
Israel Marks Reservists' Appreciation Day2012-August-10
Egyptian Air Strike Kills 20 Militants in Sinai2012-August-08
The U.S.-Egyptian Relationship 2012-July-13
Iran's Ballistic Missiles Improving, Pentagon Finds2012-July-11
Narrow BDS Defeat Nothing to Celebrate2012-July-09
IDF Ranks: Join the Game2012-July-06
Britain's Quiet War on Iran2012-July-04
IDF Hopes New Technology Would End Terrorists' Tunneling Activity2012-July-03
As Nuclear Talks Fail, U.S. Experts Urge Obama to Weigh Military Option on Iran2012-June-22
Israeli Killed as IDF, Terrorists Exchange Fire along Egypt Border2012-June-18
Why the Six-Day War Still Matters 2012-June-08
Video: U.S., Israeli Forces Train to Rescue Lives2012-June-05
IDF Exercise Sends Tanks to Neutralize Missile Threats in Enemy Territory 2012-June-01
Turkey Issues Arrest Warrants for Four IDF Officers2012-May-24
Top Commander Reiterates Iran's Commitment to Full Annihilation of Israel2012-May-21
Israeli Company Wins Finnish Mini UAV Bid2012-May-17
IDF Intelligence: Assad's Fate Is Sealed, Hizbullah Is Strengthening in South Lebanon2012-May-16
Israel to Send Fighter Jets for Joint Exercises in U.S.2012-May-16
Israel Navy Commandos Conduct Largest Exercise in Decade2012-May-14
U.S., Middle East Forces Wage Huge War Game2012-May-10
IDF Uncovers Explosive Charges in West Bank Village 2012-May-09
IDF Paramedics Save Life of Palestinian Woman 2012-May-04
Women of the IDF 2012-May-04
IDF Chief of Staff: "We Will Not Accept a Threat Against Our Civilians"2012-April-25
Israel and the Struggle Over the International Laws of War2012-April-20
Released Palestinian Terrorist Plotted to Kidnap IDF Soldier2012-April-18
IDF Suspends Officer for Striking Anti-Israel Activist2012-April-16
IDF Foiled More than Ten Terror Plots in Sinai 2012-April-06
New IDF Combat Engineering Tools2012-April-05
IDF Medic Talks about Army Life2012-March-30
Israel Sees New Advantage in Iron Dome Anti-Missile System2012-March-28
Poll: Most Jewish Israelis Say Iran Strike Less Risky than Nuclear Threat2012-March-26
Tolerating Hamas Invites a Mideast War2012-March-22
Instructions to Israelis: Correct Behavior During Rocket and Mortar Attacks 2012-March-21
From Pre-emption to Prevention and Back 2012-March-16
Israelis See Iran "Mini-Drill" in Gaza Flare-Up2012-March-14
Over 200 Rockets Fired at Israel Since Friday2012-March-13
Israel: No Country Would Allow Targeting of Its Civilians2012-March-12
Israel's Anti-Missile Defense System Intercepts 43 Palestinian Rockets2012-March-12
Israeli Soldiers Speak about Military Service2012-March-02
IDF Kills Smuggler on Israel-Egypt Border2012-February-28
Israel, Egypt Working to Stop Hamas Attacks from Sinai2012-February-24

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