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Israel Defense Forces

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The Hamas Fortress of Sejaiya2014-July-21
Video: Watch Israeli Special Forces Prevent a Gaza Rocket Launch2014-July-21
Video: Hamas - We Place Civilians in the Line of Fire2014-July-21
Iran's Fingerprints All Over Hamas-Israel Conflict 2014-July-21
Israel Opening Field Hospital for Palestinians in Gaza2014-July-20
Israel Spared 14 Senior Hamas Terrorists in Bid to Minimize Civilian Casualties2014-July-20
Put an End to Terrorism Roulette2014-July-20
Video: Soldiers Prepare for Ground Operation in Gaza2014-July-18
Hamas Rejects Egyptian Cease-Fire Initiative2014-July-18
The Tunnel Threat on Gaza's Border 2014-July-18
What the West Can Learn from Israel's Tactics Against Hamas 2014-July-17
Undermining Israel's Right to Self-Defense: The UN Pathology2014-July-15
Jewish Leaders Support "Operation Protective Edge" Condemn Hamas' Attacks on Israeli Civilians2014-July-10
Israel Tests New Counter-Abduction Strategy in Ongoing West Bank Operation2014-June-27
At Palestinian University Graduation Ceremony, Students Celebrate Kidnapping of Israelis2014-June-24
Israeli Rescue Operation Morphs into Strategic "Cleansing" of Hamas in West Bank 2014-June-20
Israel Military Industries Unveils Self-Defending Armored Troop Transport2014-June-20
Hamas Kidnappings: A Constant Threat in Israel2014-June-17
Photos: IDF Uncovers Hundreds of Palestinian Weapons in Nablus2014-June-17
Israel Searches for Kidnapped Teens2014-June-16
Hamas to Palestinians: Erase Your Security Camera Footage 2014-June-16
Tales from Israel's Naval Commando Chiefs2014-June-06
Israel-Egypt Anti-Terrorism Cooperation at Zenith2014-May-26
U.S. National Guard and IDF Join for Emergency Response Exercise in Israel2014-May-16
IDF's Teleprocessing Corps Completes Comms Networks along Egyptian Border2014-May-09
Increasing Attacks on Israel's Northern Border 2014-April-25
Hebron Terror Attack Had the Markings of an Organized Attack2014-April-17
IDF Soldiers with Autism Apply Special Skills in Intelligence Unit2014-April-14
Intelligence Experts: Mideast Status Quo Sustainable, But Not Preferable2014-April-09
Israel Navy Expands Long-Range Operations2014-April-07
Converging Interests May Lead to Cooperation between Israel and Gulf States2014-April-01
Young and Zionist: Israeli Teens Want to Enlist in IDF2014-March-27
IDF Kills 3 Palestinian Terrorists in Jenin2014-March-24
Ya'alon Just Said What Everyone Else Is Thinking2014-March-21
Israeli Airstrikes in Syria Send Warning to Assad2014-March-20
Israel Targets Syrian Army Positions which Abetted Attack on IDF Soldiers2014-March-19
Israel Sees Future Drone Threat from Lebanon, Gaza2014-March-11
Hagel Congratulates Israeli Defense Minister on Iranian Arms Shipment Seizure2014-March-10
IDF Unloads 40 Rockets from Iranian Weapons Ship2014-March-10
Israeli Soldiers Save Palestinian Lives after Car Crash2014-March-07
What Happened When Israel Turned Over Security Control in the West Bank to the PA?2014-March-07
Video: Watch IDF Soldiers Uncover Weaponry in Iranian Shipment Headed to Gaza2014-March-06
Video: IDF Intercepts Iranian Shipment of Rockets to Terrorist Organizations in Gaza2014-March-06
Video: The Course of Iran's Weaponry Shipment to Gaza2014-March-06
Israel Seizes Ship with Missiles Heading from Iran to Gaza2014-March-05
Amnesty International Report Ignores Palestinian Violence2014-February-28
Clarifying the Security Arrangements Debate: Israeli Forces in the Jordan Valley 2014-February-26
Intelligence Survey: Assad Losing Ground in Syria; Egypt Pushing Jihadists Out of Sinai2014-February-24
IDF Neutralizes 20-Kg. Bomb near Gaza Fence2014-February-19
New Israeli Unit Targets Syrian Border Threats 2014-February-18

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