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Israel Defense Forces

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IDF Bombed 100 Hamas Targets in Response to Fire-Balloon Attacks2020-September-03
Israel Concerned over Possible U.S. Sale of F-35s to UAE2020-August-27
IDF Wounds Palestinian Throwing Firebomb at Rachel's Tomb 2020-August-17
The Young Australians Who Joined the Israel Defense Forces 2020-August-06
Fugitive Hamas Operative Was Tasked with Shooting Down Israeli Helicopter2020-August-03
Israel Sends Additional Reinforcements to Lebanese, Syrian Borders2020-July-30
Israeli Forces along Jordan River May Face Enemies from East and West2020-July-09
Gaza Man Arrested after Trying to Swim to Israel2020-June-29
IDF Chief: Iran "Most Dangerous Country" in Middle East2020-June-22
Jordanian Tanks Crossed the Jordan Valley in the 1967 War Against Israel2020-June-19
Secretary of State Pompeo: ICC Targeting Israel for Political Purposes2020-June-12
Why the 1967 Six-Day War Still Matters 2020-June-09
Iran Redeploys in Syria amid Covid-192020-June-08
Former U.S. Officials View PA and Jordanian Threats 2020-June-03
Linking the Murder in Minneapolis with Israel's Efforts to Defend Itself Against Palestinian Terror Is a Big Lie2020-June-02
Sovereignty over the Jordan Valley Is Key to Israel's Security2020-June-01
PA Could Face Existential Threat If It Cuts Security Ties with Israel2020-May-28
IDF Thwarts Palestinian Attack near Jerusalem2020-May-18
Forces in Eastern Syria Move to Block Tehran-Beirut Corridor2020-May-15
Why Syria Isn't Firing Its S-300 Missiles at Israeli Jets2020-May-13
U.S. Eyes Troop Drawdown in Egypt's Restive Sinai2020-May-08
Why Does the World Health Organization Target Israel? 2020-May-08
Applying Israeli Sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and Parts of Judea and Samaria2020-May-08
Coronavirus in the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem 2020-May-01
Video: Secret of Israel's Military Revealed2020-May-01
IDF: Syria Helping Hizbullah Move into Golan Heights2020-April-13
IDF Assists in Fight Against Pandemic 2020-April-03
IDF Sends Troops into Virus-Stricken City to Help Residents 2020-April-03
Palestinian Islamists Disrupt Attempts at Truce in Gaza 2020-March-12
IDF, U.S. Military Launch Joint Air Defense Drill 2020-March-04
Gaza Rocket Fired toward Israel, Falls Short of Border2020-March-02
Israel's Iran Confrontation Is Pointing the Way to the Future of War2020-February-28
Israel Sells 150 Drones to European Country2020-February-27
The Iranian Revenge Attack on U.S. Forces in Iraq2020-February-20
IDF Strives to Shorten Future Wars 2020-February-14
Diplomacy Alone Won't End the Iranian Threat 2020-February-14
Israeli Government and Security Websites under Constant Cyberattack2020-February-10
IDF Pens Poem Teaching Kids to Keep Away from Gaza Bomb Balloons2020-February-10
Israeli Counter-Drone Company to Provide System to FBI and U.S. Military2020-February-05
U.S. Peace Plan Requires Palestinians to Prove Their Commitment to Peace2020-February-03
How to Limit Iranian Freedom of Action 2020-January-31
Video: Hadeel's Story - Israeli, Christian, and an IDF Officer2020-January-30
Assessing Israel's Tactical Laser Breakthrough 2020-January-20
IDF Soldier Views International Criminal Court Probe of 2014 Gaza War2019-December-27
IDF Helped Find Crashed Chilean Plane near Antarctica 2019-December-16
Israel's Role in the Middle East Has Become Critically Important for the U.S. 2019-December-12
Hamas Obtains New Weaponry Anyway It Can 2019-December-11
Getting Iran Out of Syria 2019-December-10
How Israel Helped Singapore Establish Its Defense Forces2019-December-10
Report: Iranian Radar Jammers Paralyzed Syrian Defense Systems During Israeli Strikes2019-December-09

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