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International law

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Congress Can Rewrite the Iran Deal 2015-August-13
A "No" Vote on the Iran Nuclear Agreement May Have Limited Practical Impact2015-August-11
Comparing Obama's and Reagan's Approach to Adversaries2015-August-03
Israel Slams "Fundamentally Flawed" Amnesty Report Accusing IDF of Gaza War Crimes 2015-July-29
Legally, Many Important Iran Sanctions Cannot Be Waived 2015-July-27
Washington Post Petitions UN for Release of Reporter Jailed by Iran2015-July-23
ICC Orders Prosecutor to Reopen Mavi Marmara War Crimes Case Against IDF2015-July-17
ICC Declares War on Israel 2015-July-17
Iran Deal Worse than We Could Have Imagined 2015-July-17
Iran Got a Far Better Deal Than It Had Any Right to Expect2015-July-16
If Hamas Is Allowed to Wage Warfare through International Courts, Islamic State Will Be Next2015-July-10
What the UN Report on Gaza Left Out 2015-July-09
Disregarding Reality, Yet Again: The Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry Report2015-July-08
UN Human Rights Council Adopts 2014 Gaza War Report2015-July-06
Diplomats Urged to Reject UN Gaza Report2015-July-03
Netanyahu: "There Is No Siege on Gaza"2015-June-29
Flaw in U.S. Policy: Even PLO Recognizes Israel's Right to West Jerusalem 2015-June-29
Palestinian Move at ICC May Trigger Suspension of U.S. Aid 2015-June-26
Will the UN Report on Gaza Constrain Future U.S. Military Action? 2015-June-26
Even When Faced with Criminal Tactics, Israel Abided by the Laws of Armed Conflict2015-June-26
Gaza War Report Distances Peace 2015-June-26
The UN's Israel Inquisition2015-June-25
UN Gaza Report Won't Provide Ammunition Against IDF at International Criminal Court 2015-June-24
Former IDF Lawyer: UN Gaza Report Cannot Be Used as Evidence at ICC2015-June-24
Israel Warns of New Gaza Flotilla2015-June-23
UN Gaza War Report Leaves No Room for Israeli Self-Defense 2015-June-23
UN Report on Gaza: Improvement over Goldstone, But NGO Reliance Hurts Credibility2015-June-23
UN Report on 2014 Gaza War Criticizes Israel and Palestinians2015-June-22
Filling in the Blanks: Documenting Missing Dimensions in UN and NGO "Investigations" of the Gaza Conflict2015-June-22
Israeli Report on 2014 Gaza War Accuses Hamas of War Crimes2015-June-15
Netanyahu: Israel Operates in Accordance with International Law2015-June-15
The 2014 Gaza Conflict: Factual and Legal Aspects 2015-June-15
Ex-Generals: IDF's "Scrupulous Adherence" to Laws of War Cost Israeli Lives 2015-June-15
Is Israel's Military Law Unit Too Strict? 2015-June-11
Israel Showed Care in a Just Gaza War 2015-June-11
Israel's Allies in U.S. Challenge Boycott2015-June-08
Hamas Regularly Inflicts War on Israel, Suffering on Gazans 2015-May-29
UN Security Council Resolution 242 Established that Israel Was Entitled to Defensible Borders2015-May-26
Obama Defends the Iran Nuclear Deal, Anguishes about Israel 2015-May-22
Video Shows Syrian Airmen Dropping Barrel Bombs2015-May-22
Legal Experts Question International Court's Authority to Intervene on 2014 Gaza War2015-May-15
"International Community Should Criminalize Double Standards Against Israel as Anti-Semitism"2015-May-13
Publication of Israeli Soldiers' Accounts Clouded by Political Agenda 2015-May-12
Syria Is Using Chemical Weapons Again, Rescue Workers Say2015-May-07
Netanyahu Seeks to Defuse Obama Spat with Action on Palestinians2015-May-01
World Turns a Blind Eye to Palestinians If Israel Is Not Involved 2015-May-01
Iran Must Pay a Price for Detaining Washington Post Reporter2015-April-30
A Legal and Operational Assessment of Israel's Targeting Practices2015-April-28
China Warns North Korean Nuclear Threat Is Rising; Iran Deal Could Mirror North Korean Case2015-April-24
Jordan Eyes Increased Involvement in War Against Islamic State2015-April-21

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