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International law

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Coming Soon - a Nuclear Middle East 2018-March-02
Deadline Looms to Fix the Iran Deal2018-March-02
Experts Address Iran's Expansionism and Threats to the Region2018-March-01
Abbas at UN Calls for International Peace Conference 2018-February-21
U.S. Wants Europeans to Commit to Improve Iran Deal2018-February-19
Cyprus Says Turkey Blocks Gas Drill Ship2018-February-13
France Says All Iranian Militias, including Hizbullah, Must Leave Syria 2018-February-09
The UK Pays Disproportionate Attention to Palestinian Child Prisoners 2018-February-09
Irish Bill to Boycott Israeli Settlements Runs Afoul of U.S. Laws2018-January-30
Netanyahu Responds to "Baseless" Charges over Labor Migrants Policy2018-January-29
Should the U.S. Cut Aid to the Palestinians? 2018-January-26
Should Ahed Tamimi Be Released on Bail?2018-January-25
Do the Palestinians Really Want Their Own State?2018-January-16
Statement by the President on the Iran Nuclear Deal2018-January-15
U.S. Justice Department Announces Hizbullah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team2018-January-12
How to Sanction Iran While Preserving the Nuclear Deal2018-January-11
UK Parliament Reports on "Severe" Terrorist Threats2018-January-08
When the "Arab Street" Comes to Sweden2017-December-14
Video - Israeli Diplomat: Palestinian Negotiators Must Enter the "Box of Realism"2017-December-11
Trump's Speech: A Seismic Event and a Historic Watershed2017-December-08
Why Trump Is Right in Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital2017-December-07
Assad's War Crimes Revealed 2017-December-05
Why U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Is Important 2017-December-05
Ten Reasons for Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel 2017-December-05
The Impossible Deal of the Century2017-November-24
State Department: U.S. Wants PLO's Washington Office to Stay Open2017-November-22
U.S. Threatens to Close Palestinian Office in Washington 2017-November-20
U.S. Policy on Jerusalem Embassy Held Hostage by Threats and Outdated Arguments2017-November-10
Palestinians Threaten UK Court Action on Balfour Declaration2017-November-03
Who Doesn't Believe in Self-Determination? 2017-November-02
UN Aiding Palestinian Legal Efforts Against Israel 2017-November-01
The Historical Significance of the Balfour Declaration 2017-November-01
UNRWA Demands End to Tunnel Building under Its Schools2017-October-30
130 Israeli Companies, 60 International Corporations on UN "Blacklist"2017-October-26
Video: There Is a Precedent for Renegotiating Flawed Agreements2017-October-17
Teens Detained by Hamas in Gaza Face Torture2017-October-10
Videa: The Discovery and Rescue of Iraqi Jews' Patrimony in Baghdad. Will It Now Be Lost2017-September-29
How Trump Can Improve the Iran Deal2017-September-26
Why Legal Avenues to Mideast Peace Are Misguided2017-September-14
Getting to No with Iran 2017-September-14
It's Time to Update America's Important Anti-Boycott Law for Israel2017-September-13
Hijacking the Laws of Occupation 2017-September-04
Abbas Moves to Take Control of the Palestinian Judiciary2017-September-01
A Successful Strategy Against BDS 2017-August-31
European Secretariat Halts, Investigates Funding to Radical Palestinian Group2017-August-23
Jordan's Refusal to Permit the Return of Israel's Ambassador Is Against International Law and the Peace Treaty 2017-August-17
Experts Concerned about North Korean Nuclear Precedent for Iran 2017-August-15
Palestinians Demand Confidence-Building Steps from Israel and U.S.2017-August-14
Clarity on the Israel Anti-Boycott Act2017-August-14
Recognizing a Palestinian State before a Peace Agreement with Israel Undermines the International Rule of Law2017-August-11

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