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International law

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Powell: Hamas No Partner for Peace2003-June-23
How Europe Can Stop the Hate 2003-June-18
The Suicide Bombing Attacks in Saudi Arabia: A Preliminary Assessment2003-May-14
The U.S. and Israel: The Road Ahead2003-May-02
After Suicide Bombings, Israel Comes Knocking2003-April-25
The Ethical Code of the Israeli Army2003-April-21
French Families Accuse Arafat of Genocide in Paris Court2003-March-03
False Note - Editorial2003-February-28
Pentagon: Use of Human Shields is War Crime 2003-February-20
Why Washington's Hawks See Further than Europe's Doves2003-February-07
U.S. Considers Citing Saudi Arabia for Intolerance2003-January-22
Exploitation of Palestinian Children Prohibited by International Law2003-January-22
A U.S. License to Kill2003-January-16
The Evolution of International Law and the War on Terrorism2002-December-27
Sultan of Spin2002-December-10
Israel Drafting Convention Against Suicide Attacks2002-November-26
Telling It Like It Is2002-November-21
Declaring War on Saddam Would Be the Moral Option2002-November-20
The Osirak Option2002-November-15
Suicide Attacks Are War Crimes, Targeted Killings Aren't2002-November-08
IDF: Amnesty Report One-Sided2002-November-05
Slaying of U.S. Diplomat Outrages Washington2002-October-29
U.S. Diplomat Shot Dead in Jordan 2002-October-28
Double Standards: Iraq, Israel, and the United Nations2002-October-14
Ready for War 2002-October-10
The Recruitment of Children in Current Palestinian Strategy2002-October-02
Response to Amnesty International's Report on Children in the Line of Fire2002-October-02
UN Resolution 14352002-September-25
Why Saddam Has to Go - British Prime Minister Tony Blair 2002-September-11
The Gulf over War2002-September-02
Will IDF Reservists Traveling Abroad be Arrested for War Crimes?2002-August-22
A Non-Marshall Plan for the Palestinian 2002-August-09
Human Rights Watch Asks Hamas to End Attacks on Civilians2002-August-07
When Editing is Censoring at the New York Times 2002-July-30
Jews among Arabs, Arabs among Jews2002-July-19
Amnesty: Palestinian Attacks on Israeli Civilians are Crimes Against Humanity 2002-July-11
Israeli Heroism in LA 2002-July-08
Human Rights Watch Condemns Bus Bombing Atrocity2002-June-20
What Should Israel be Telling the Media?2002-June-11
Refugees First 2002-June-06
Amnesty International Report, 2002 2002-May-29

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