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International law

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Britain Rejects Idea of Tanker Swap with Iran2019-July-29
U.S.: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Will Not Be Decided by International Consensus or International Law2019-July-24
Britain Seeks European Maritime Force to Counter Iran's "Piracy"2019-July-23
Has Iran Complied with the Nuclear Deal? 2019-July-23
International Law on Jerusalem and Double Standards2019-July-17
Increasingly Belligerent Iran Poses Dilemma for Israel2019-July-04
Take the Palestinians' "No" for an Answer2019-June-24
The U.S. Accepts Israel's Territorial Rights2019-June-12
Iran's Actions over Abu Musa and Tunb Islands Tell Us Everything about its Regional Designs2019-May-31
Israel 'on the Vanguard' in Dealing with Warfare's Legal Issues2019-May-30
Top IDF Lawyer Tells The Hague to Back Off, Says Israel Can Probe own Alleged War Crimes 2019-May-30
A Global Study of Settlements in Occupied Territories2019-May-24
PA's Artificial Economic Crisis Seeks Israeli Recognition that Palestinian Terror Is Legitimate2019-May-22
Firing 600 Rockets at Civilian Targets Is an Act of War 2019-May-08
The European Union: Nurturing Instability and Terrorism in the Middle East2019-May-03
Behind the Palestinian Economic Crisis: Israel Wants the PA to Stop Supporting Terror2019-May-01
Don't Rejoin the Iran Deal, Fix It2019-April-25
The Impact of the Deal of the Century2019-April-24
Saving U.S. Soldiers from Runaway Prosecutors 2019-April-24
The ICC's Decision Not to Investigate the U.S. in Afghanistan 2019-April-23
Video: America and the International Criminal Court2019-April-19
International Criminal Court Rejects Request to Investigate U.S. War Crimes in Afghanistan2019-April-15
UN Reports on IDF Response to Hamas Are Misguided 2019-April-01
Reviving the Idea that Aggression Shouldn't Be Cost-Free 2019-March-29
Israeli Sovereignty and the "Mukhtar Protocol"2019-March-29
Video: Why Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights Matters2019-March-29
Israel's Sovereignty over the Golan Heights Is Legal and Justified2019-March-28
Expert: International Law Only Prohibits Taking Territory in a War of Aggression2019-March-27
UNHRC Should Condemn the PA and Hamas for Abuse of Palestinian Children2019-March-19
The Dual-Loyalty Canard2019-March-15
U.S. Accuses Palestinians of Manufacturing Crisis over Israel's Decision to Deduct Payments to Terrorists 2019-March-11
Jordan and the Palestinian Authority Seek to Sabotage the Trump Peace Plan2019-March-06
Abbas' Legacy: Expanded Payments to Terrorists2019-March-05
Gaslighting Gaza: The UN Commission of Inquiry on the Gaza Riots2019-March-04
Former IDF Legal Expert: Hamas, Hizbullah "Hide Missiles in Children's Rooms" 2019-March-01
Israel: UN Human Rights Council Report on Gaza 2019-March-01
Black Law Enforcement Leaders Endorse Police Exchange with Israel2019-February-28
U.S. Law Targets Hizbullah in Europe2019-February-27
Boycotting Israel Doesn't Help Bring Peace2019-February-21
It Is Anti-Semitic to Oppose Israel's Right to Exist2019-February-15
Israel: Still the Underdog in Today's Middle East2019-February-08
Court: Israel Can Confiscate Ships Used in Flotillas2019-February-07
The Truth about BDS and the Lies about My Bill 2019-February-06
Experts Dismiss Allegations that Removing Hebron Observers Violates Oslo Accords2019-February-05
World Ignores Plight of Palestinians in Lebanon 2019-February-05
Time to Tell the Truth about the Palestinian Issue 2019-January-24
Switzerland to Examine Reports that Palestinian Textbooks Promote Violence, Racism2019-January-11
Irish Government Should Reject Bill to Boycott Israeli Goods from the West Bank 2019-January-09
Israel to Tighten Prison Conditions for Terrorists2019-January-03
Setting the Wolf to Guard the Sheep: Electing the Palestinian Attorney-General to the ICC Nominations Committee for Judges 2018-December-26

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