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International law

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UN General Assembly Approves Six Pro-Palestinian Resolutions Over U.S. and Israeli Objections2006-December-04
We Are in a War to the Death - Craven Concessions Won't Win It 2006-November-28
We Can't Be War Criminals, We're Palestinian2006-November-24
Calling for Palestinian Civilians to Shield Terrorists' Homes Violates International Law2006-November-22
U.S.-Syrian Talks Won't Affect Golan2006-November-20
How Should Israel Respond to War Crimes Accusations?2006-November-09
China, Russia Object to Including Military Option in Sanctions Resolution2006-November-07
Lebanon and Arab Opinion: An Exchange2006-October-20
The Israeli Model for Detainee Rights2006-October-20
Is Self-Defense a War Crime?2006-October-17
Gaza Has Gotten More Tribal2006-October-16
U.S. Judge Refuses to Dismiss Terror Finance Suit vs French Bank 2006-October-11
The Use of Cluster Bombs2006-September-06
Bush: "We Must Not Allow Iran to Develop a Nuclear Weapon"2006-September-01
Amnesty International Redefines "War Crimes" 2006-September-01
See You in Court, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad2006-August-25
Hizballah Leaders Are War Criminals 2006-August-23
Hizballah Leaders Must Be Tried for War Crimes2006-August-11
A Diplomatic Disaster in the Making2006-August-08
Hizballah, Iran, and Syria - Not Israel - Are Flouting International Law 2006-August-08
White House: Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself 2006-August-04
Lebanon's Leaders Allowed Hizballah to Fester2006-August-01
U.S.: Hizballah Holding a Million Israeli Civilians Hostage2006-July-31
Hizballah's Human Shields 2006-July-31
Israel Is Within Its Rights2006-July-26
Hizballah Lets Iran Buy Time for Nukes2006-July-24
Arithmetic of Pain2006-July-20
Human Rights Watch: Hizballah Rocket Attacks on Haifa Designed to Kill Civilians2006-July-19
Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hizballah vs. Israel2006-July-16
The Israel Enigma2006-July-07
No Vindication for Terror Groups2006-July-07
No Vindication for Terror Groups 2006-July-07
Hamas Must Accept Minimal International Ground Rules 2006-June-19
Divorce the Palestinians2006-June-16
Investigate Palestinian Aggression2006-June-15
Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself 2006-June-13
"Targeted Killing" of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi 2006-June-12
U.S. Must Rally the World to Win the War on Terror2006-June-12
Hamas Rejects Abbas' Plan for Recognizing Israel2006-June-05
House Votes 361-37 to Limit Palestinian Aid2006-May-24
Israeli Diplomats to Sue Ahmadinejad at International Court of Justice in The Hague2006-May-22
Hamas Armed Force Readies for Action 2006-May-08
The Muslim World's New Martyrs 2006-May-05
Spare the Rod, Spoil the Peace2006-May-04
UN Agency Says Iran Falls Short on Nuclear Data2006-May-01
Why the World Should Take Ahmadinejad Seriously 2006-April-18
Human Rights Watch Continues Political Bias Against Israel in 20052006-April-11
U.S. Encouraged by Tehran's Enemy Within2006-March-31
Double Standard Exists on Terrorism 2006-March-24
Syria Muslim Brotherhood Scents Power2006-March-20

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