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International law

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Sanctions on Hamas Prisoners?2009-March-31
The Blood Libel Is Alive and Well over Gaza2009-March-30
Israeli Use of Phosphorus in Gaza Disputed 2009-March-26
U.S. Can't Ignore Iran's Genocidal Incitement 2009-March-24
"Alice in Wonderland" Justice on Gaza2009-March-20
NGOs Condemned for Ignoring Captured IDF Soldier2009-March-18
Nine Nations Agree to Try to Stop Combat Arms Flow to Gaza2009-March-16
The Use of Mosques for Military Purposes2009-March-16
Calls in Egypt to Review or Abolish Peace Treaty with Israel 2009-March-13
Iran's Persecution of Baha'is Is Devastating 2009-March-13
Israel Charged with Stealing Palestinian Rocks 2009-March-13
Getting Human Rights Wrong 2009-March-06
Trial Begins in The Hague on Murder of Lebanese PM Hariri2009-March-02
Israel Sending Jewish-Arab Duo to Eurovision Songfest2009-February-27
Averting Abuse of Universal Jurisdiction2009-February-27
Israel's Use of Force in Gaza Was Justified2009-February-26
Amnesty Seeks Embargo Against Israel, Palestinians2009-February-23
Durban II Draft Document "Getting Worse" 2009-February-23
Israel's Gaza Operation and International Law2009-February-20
IDF: War Crime Charges over Gaza Offensive Are "Legal Terror"2009-February-19
Israeli Justice Minister: "We Risked Troops' Lives to Protect Palestinians" 2009-February-19
Iran: A Normal Nation or a Vehicle for Universal Messianic Revolution?2009-February-12
Hamas, Not Israel, Should Be Tried for War Crimes 2009-February-12
One Region, Two States2009-February-10
Prosecution of Israel in International Criminal Court Seen Unlikely2009-February-09
The War Crimes Fiction 2009-February-04
The Gaza War: A Strategic Analysis2009-February-04
UN Official Blasts Hamas for "Cynical" Use of Civilian Facilities 2009-January-29
Did Israel Commit War Crimes in Gaza?2009-January-28
The Phony War Crimes Accusation Against Israel2009-January-23
White (Phosphorous) Lies2009-January-19
Hamas Is a War Crimes "Case Study"2009-January-15
International Red Cross: Israel's Use of White Phosphorus Not Illegal 2009-January-14
The Threat of the Human Shield Strategy Hamas Uses Extends Beyond Israel, Gaza2009-January-13
The False Symmetry of UN Security Council Resolution 18602009-January-12
Legal Expert: Rising Gaza Death Toll Doesn't Mean IDF Acts Are Disproportionate2009-January-12
Amnesty International's Criticism of Israeli Action in Gaza Distorts the Law of War2009-January-09
Palestinians Bet Their Lives on Israeli Adherence to International Law2009-January-08
The Tragedy at the School in Gaza2009-January-07
Israel's Policy Is Perfectly "Proportionate"2009-January-02
Gazan Mosque Used as Rocket Storage and Launching Site Targeted2009-January-01
Did Israel Use "Disproportionate Force" in Gaza?2008-December-29
A Separate Standard for Israel2008-December-26
Israel Expels Hostile UN Rights Investigator2008-December-16
Terrorists Need Sensational Media Coverage2008-December-15
UK Lecturers' Union Abandons Attempts to Boycott Israel2008-December-12
Gaza: Still No Red Cross Access to Captured Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit2008-December-12
Security First: U.S. Priorities in Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking2008-December-11
Fighting Racism, UN-Style2008-December-04
Canada Honored for Israel Support 2008-December-04

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