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International law

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Israel Is Appalled and Disappointed by the Goldstone Report2009-September-16
Goldstone's Kangaroo Court Report2009-September-16
Diplomatic Engagement with Syria 2009-September-15
Swedish Funding of Anti-Israeli Demonization2009-August-24
Standing Up to Mubarak2009-August-18
The Goldstone Mission - Tainted to the Core2009-August-18
The Fatah Conference: Pursuing Peace Without Relinquishing the Right to Armed Struggle 2009-August-17
Presidential Adviser Encouraged by Hizbullah's Evolution2009-August-10
Accused of Crimes in Gaza, Israel Offers a Defense in Geneva2009-August-07
Double Standards and Human Rights Watch2009-July-31
Israel: Gaza Operation Was "Necessary and Proportionate" 2009-July-31
IDF to Give More Detailed Warnings to Civilians Before Attacks2009-July-29
British Court Nixes Anti-Israel Move by West Bank Group 2009-July-29
Iran's Vulnerability to Foreign Economic Pressure2009-July-27
Signs of Hope Emerge for Palestinians in West Bank2009-July-17
Human Rights Watch Lauded in Saudi Arabia 2009-July-15
IDF Responds to "Breaking the Silence" Claim of Gaza Rights Violations 2009-July-15
Why Is Israel's Presence in the Territories Still Called "Occupation"?2009-July-14
International Law and Military Operations in Practice2009-July-08
Nobel Winner Calls for UN Human Rights Envoy for Iran 2009-July-03
IDF: Amnesty Report on Gaza Ignored Hamas War Crimes2009-July-03
Why Does the World Accept the Notion of Palestinian Apartheid - A State Free of Jews?2009-July-03
An Insidious Cultural Campaign: The Dead Sea Scrolls Are a Jewish, Not a Palestinian, Artifact2009-July-03
In Defense of "Settlements"2009-June-29
Global Reach of Spain's Courts Curtailed2009-June-26
Documents Back Saudi Link to Extremists 2009-June-24
Legal Experts Say International Law Will Adjust to War Against Terrorism2009-June-24
International Red Cross Presses Hamas over Captured Israeli Soldier2009-June-19
Clear the Fog of War - with a Quiz2009-June-19
1979 State Dept. Legal Opinion Raises New Questions About Israeli Settlements 2009-June-18
Iran Must Be Held Accountable2009-June-10
U.S. Policy on Israeli Settlements2009-June-09
Obama Postpones U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem2009-June-08
Settlements, Palestinian Rocket Fire, and the Search for Peace2009-May-27
UN Prosecutor: Gaza Probe Goes On Without Israeli OK 2009-May-21
The U.S. and the Non-Proliferation Treaty: Israel on the Line?2009-May-15
"Lawfare" Against Israel Complicates the Search for Peace2009-May-15
The Centrality of NGOs in Promoting Anti-Israel Boycotts and Sanctions 2009-May-08
The Inadequacy of International Law2009-May-08
Israel May Exit Lebanon Border Village2009-May-06
Spanish Judge Went Too Far: Targeting Gaza Terror Mastermind Not a War Crime2009-May-06
Throwing the Book at Tehran2009-May-01
Israel Says Actions in Gaza War Did Not Violate International Law2009-April-23
Report on the Conduct of IDF Soldiers During the Gaza War2009-April-23
Iran Tells U.S. to Respect Its Courts in Journalist Spy Case2009-April-20
PA Prime Minister Fayyad Protests Toronto Exhibit of Dead Sea Scrolls2009-April-10
UN Human Rights Expert Would Prohibit Self-Defense2009-April-10
Verdict: Israel Not Guilty 2009-April-08
The European Union Report on Jerusalem: Distortions and Omissions2009-April-06
Will a Spanish Judge Prosecute U.S. Officials? 2009-April-01

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