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International law

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Syria's Assad Loses His Grip to Hardliners2011-June-17
Saving the Yale Anti-Semitism Institute2011-June-14
UN Can't Determine Borders or Statehood 2011-June-07
Is Gaza Still Occupied?2011-June-02
Lawyers to UN: Halt Unilateral Palestinian Statehood2011-May-27
Palestinian UN Bid Requires Security Council Approval 2011-May-24
The B'Tselem Witch Trials2011-May-20
Threat of Regime Collapse in Syria Creates Uncertainty in Region 2011-May-11
Palestinian Unity Pact Still Faces Big Hurdles2011-May-05
In Killing Bin Laden, U.S. Had the Law on Its Side2011-May-05
Syria's Assad Faces Indictment by the International Criminal Court2011-April-26
Pushed by Goldstone, Israeli Army Embraces New "Smart" Warfare2011-April-14
Importance of General Assembly Vote Greatly Exaggerated2011-April-13
Israel Asks UN to Condemn Rocket Attacks from Gaza 2011-April-12
UN General Assembly "Uniting for Palestine" 2011-April-11
Gaza Missile Attack a War Crime2011-April-08
Setting the Record Straight on Gaza Clash2011-April-07
Goldstone's Mea Culpa Has Come Too Late 2011-April-06
Richard Goldstone Recants2011-April-05
Israel's Military Justice System in Times of Terror 2011-April-01
The Archeology War2011-April-01
Syria: The Sectarian Genie Is Out of the Bottle 2011-March-30
Accountability of Hamas Under International Humanitarian Law 2011-March-18
Palestinians Make Risky Gambit for Statehood 2011-March-08
The International Context of the U.S. Veto at the UN Security Council - Interview with Dore Gold by Michael Tuchfeld2011-March-01
Report: "Israel's 2002 Hit of Hamas Leader Was Justified, Despite Civilian Casualties"2011-February-28
Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Suffer the Bombardment of Its Citizens2011-February-25
For the Mideast, a Code for Rising Democracies 2011-February-25
The Claim for Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State: A Reassessment 2011-February-11
Israel's Never Looked So Good 2011-February-11
Israel Seeks UN Condemnation of Attacks from Gaza 2011-February-03
The UN Should Heed Israel's Carefully Documented Report on the Gaza Flotilla - Because It's True 2011-February-01
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Seeks to Implement the Goldstone Report2011-January-26
Palestine Papers: Britain's MI6 Drew Up Plan for Crackdown on Hamas 2011-January-26
Hamas Poised to Become Insiders2011-January-25
Human Rights Advisers Are UN-Fit to Serve 2011-January-24
Israel's Gaza Flotilla Probe: IDF Soldiers Acted in Self-Defense2011-January-24
"Travel Palestine" Ad in National Geographic Blots Out Israel2011-January-13
Europe Needs a Parliamentary Inquiry on NGO Funding 2011-January-12
The Shepherd Hotel in Jerusalem 2011-January-10
Countering Lawfare 2011-January-05
500 Americans Ask for Clemency for Jonathan Pollard2011-January-05
The Doctrine of Defensible Borders2011-January-04
Killing Iran's Energy Industry 2011-January-04
Cyprus: Turkey Has No Right to Talk about International Law2010-December-31
UN Condemns Gaza Militants over Rocket Attacks 2010-December-23
Israel Submits Complaint to UN on Continued Attacks from Gaza2010-December-22
The Fallacy of the 1967 Borders - No Such Borders Ever Existed2010-December-21
More False Claims by Human Rights Watch Against Israel2010-December-21
The Arab Peace Initiative: Clarifications Needed2010-December-17

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