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Institute for National Security Studies

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Has Iran Complied with the Nuclear Deal? 2019-July-23
The Rise and Fall of the Islamic State2019-July-19
The Strategic Clash between the U.S. and China, and Implications for Israel 2019-July-18
Will Palestinian Islamic Jihad Drag Gaza into a War Against Israel?2019-July-05
Increasingly Belligerent Iran Poses Dilemma for Israel2019-July-04
The Trilateral Israel-U.S.-Russia Meeting: Motives and Ramifications2019-June-25
How Will Israel Cope with the Iran Deal's Sunset Clauses? 2019-June-06
Russia and Iran: Is the Syrian Honeymoon Over? 2019-June-06
New Report Shows How a Pro-Iran Group Spread Fake News Online2019-May-27
PA's Artificial Economic Crisis Seeks Israeli Recognition that Palestinian Terror Is Legitimate2019-May-22
Israel Presses the Case Against Iran, But Not for War2019-May-17
America Must Not Back Down Against Iran2019-May-13
The Attacks in Sri Lanka and Trends in Salafi Jihadist Activity 2019-May-02
Israeli Expert: Iran "a Significant Threat to Middle East Peace"2019-April-10
A U.S. Return to the Iran Deal Would Be a Dangerous Choice2019-April-10
Israel's War between the Wars2019-April-05
The Survival of Assad's Regime and the Challenges to Syria's Stabilization2019-April-04
IAEA Is Reviewing Iran Nuclear Archive2019-March-28
Increase in Tourism to Israel Reflects Tourists' Sense of Security2019-March-08
Why China Phobia Is Not a Strategy for Israel2019-February-14
Has the U.S. Intelligence Community Misread Iran's Nuclear Program?2019-February-08
Slim Prospects for a Complete Economic Recovery in Syria2019-February-01
Military Pressure on Iran in Syria Is Working 2019-January-31
Palestinian Support for Two-State Solution Seen Declining2019-January-31
Video: Israel and the Arabs Have Common Interests2019-January-30
Israeli Strategy in Response to Changes in the Syrian Arena2019-January-22
The Iran Deal, Three Years Later2019-January-16
Is U.S. Concern over China-Israel Haifa Port Reasonable?2019-January-16
The Withdrawal of the U.S. from Syria in Broad Perspective2018-December-28
Criticism of the U.S. Withdrawal from Syria Is Overblown 2018-December-27
With the American Departure from Syria, Will Iran Expand Its Land Corridor to Hizbullah?2018-December-26
The Withdrawal of U.S. Forces from Syria - No Reason to Panic2018-December-20
How Europe Has Gone Astray on Iran 2018-December-14
Can the United States Prevent Saudi Arabia from Getting Nuclear Weapons?2018-December-06
Push UNIFIL to Destroy Hizbullah's Illicit Infrastructure in Lebanon2018-December-05
Israel's Strategy toward China Serves and Reinforces American Interests2018-November-23
Israel's Interests Regarding Gaza2018-November-21
Solving the Problem of Gaza 2018-November-16
What Happened to Arab Support for the Palestinians?2018-November-16
Logic Dictates that Pakistan Should Re-examine Its Attitude toward Israel2018-November-01
Petraeus: Why the World Must Curb Iran2018-October-30
The Eroding Status of Iranian Clerics2018-October-18
Khashoggi and the Jewish Question2018-October-12
The INSS Plan: A Political-Security Framework for the Israeli-Palestinian Arena2018-October-05
Iran Expert: IAEA Needs to Be Able to Inspect Everywhere 2018-October-04
The Crisis over the Downed Russian Plane2018-September-26
The Desire of Eastern Jerusalem Arabs to Integrate in Israeli Society 2018-September-21
Why Israel Acts to Contain Iran in Syria and Lebanon2018-September-17
The End to U.S. Funding to UNRWA 2018-September-07
China Supplies Weapons to Israel's Enemies2018-August-03

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