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Halting Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program: Iranian Vulnerabilities and Western Policy Options2007-July-05
Components of Domestic Security in the Age of Global Jihadism2007-May-31
The Growing Hamas/Al-Qaeda Connection2007-May-18
The Sarkozy Victory2007-May-16
The Strategic Challenge of Gaza2007-April-19
The Implications of a Nuclear Iran2007-March-23
President Bush and the Qods Force Controversy: Lessons Learned2007-March-06
The International Implications of the Hamas-Fatah Mecca Agreement2007-February-15
Misreading the Second Lebanon War2007-January-26
Is Gaza Becoming Another Lebanon?2007-January-22
The Arab World's Political Dilemma: Between Islamic "Resistance" and the Western State System2007-January-19
The Iraq Study Group: Implications for Israel 2006-December-08
How Should Israel Respond to War Crimes Accusations?2006-November-09
North Korea and Iran: Will Any Lessons Be Learned?2006-October-12
Hizballah's Rocket Campaign Against Northern Israel: A Preliminary Report2006-August-31
The Critical Importance of Israeli Public Diplomacy in the War Against the Iran-Hizballah Axis of Terror2006-August-23
Countdown to Conflict: Hizballah's Military Buildup and the Need for Effective Disarmament 2006-August-21
Europe and the War in Lebanon2006-August-17
The U.S.-French Draft UN Resolution on Lebanon: Strengths and Weaknesses2006-August-07
Is a Sustainable Cease-Fire in Lebanon Realistic? If Not, What Is the Alternative?2006-July-31
An International Force: Advantages and Disadvantages2006-July-25
A Strategic Assessment of the Hizballah War: Defeating the Iranian-Syrian Axis in Lebanon 2006-July-19
Will There Be a Palestinian Civil War?2006-June-26
The Global Range of Iran's Ballistic Missile Program 2006-June-20
The Islamist Threat to Jordan2006-May-26
Europe's Response to the Threat of Global Terror2006-April-28
The Popular Resistance Committees: Hamas' New Partners?2006-April-17
The Basis of the U.S.-Israel Alliance: An Israeli Response to the Mearsheimer-Walt Assault 2006-March-24
Global Oil Supply Security and Al-Qaeda's Abortive Attack on Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia2006-March-17
The Strategic Logic of Israel's Security Barrier2006-March-09
After the Hamas Victory: The Increasing Importance of Israel's Strategic Barrier in the Jordan Valley2006-February-08
The Palestinian Authority and the Challenge of Palestinian Elections2006-February-02
Sharon's Strategic Legacy for Israel: Competing Perspectives 2006-January-13
Zarqawi and Israel: Is There a New Jihadi Threat Destabilizing the Eastern Front? 2005-December-15
Can Diplomacy Still Prevent Iran from Going Nuclear? 2005-December-01
Iran's New Revolutionary Guards Regime: Anti-Americanism, Oil, and Rising International Tension 2005-November-15
Domestic Threats to Iranian Stability: Khuzistan and Baluchistan2005-November-11
America's Hamas Dilemma: Spreading Democracy or Combating Terrorism?2005-November-01
The Murder of Musa Arafat and the Battle for the Spoils of Gaza2005-October-10
What If Iran Gets the Bomb? The Iranian Challenge to the West2005-September-29
U.S.-Saudi Relations After Hurricane Katrina: Increased Oil Dependency and the Vulnerability of Saudi Oil Installations 2005-September-20
Legal Acrobatics: The Palestinian Claim that Gaza is Still "Occupied" Even After Israel Withdraws 2005-August-26
The Succession of Saudi King Abdallah, the Oil Market, and Regional Politics2005-August-03
Are There Signs of a Jordanian-Palestinian Reengagement?2005-July-19
European Misreading of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Finnish Foreign Minister Tuomioja - A Case Study2005-July-12
The EU Constitutional Crisis, the Middle East, and Israel2005-June-24
Democracy as a Component of Security 2005-June-22
Putin Leads Russia's Return to the Middle East and the Arab Embrace2005-May-09
Undermining Mahmud Abbas: The "Green Revolution" and the Hamas Strategy to Take Over the Palestinian Authority2005-April-15
Israel's Defense Industry as a Key Component of Israel's Qualitative Military Edge2005-March-14

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