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Council on Foreign Relations

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Video: Making an Impaired Peace Process Work2020-August-06
U.S.: Any Extension of Iran Arms Embargo Should Be Open-Ended2020-June-18
Europeans Pushing to Boycott Israel over Annexation Should Think Twice2020-June-11
Moves to Extend Israeli Sovereignty to Parts of West Bank Shouldn't Have Come as a Surprise. It Is, after all, the Cradle of Judaism 2020-May-12
The Next Iranian Revolution2020-April-16
The Two-State Solution and U.S. Interests2020-April-14
Why Iran Won't Make Another Nuclear Deal 2020-March-26
Palestinians Protest U.S. Peace Plan at UN, But World Has Moved On2020-February-13
Tunisia Sacks UN Ambassador for Opposing U.S. Peace Plan 2020-February-10
Why the Death of Iranian Commander Soleimani Won't Mean World War III2020-January-06
U.S.: Iran Protesters Showing No Hostility toward America2019-December-16
Russia-Israel Relations: Expectations and Reality2019-November-26
The Iranian Regime Is Cracking from Within 2019-November-22
Learn from Obama about U.S. Military Aid to Israel2019-November-07
U.S. Envoy Says If Iran's Missiles Not Contained, Regional War Might Ensue2019-October-18
Iran Welcomes Hamas' Deputy Leader2019-July-22
Hold Iran Accountable for Terrorism in Argentina 2019-July-12
America Can Face Down a Fragile Iran - Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ray Takeyh2019-June-21
Israel Needs Bipartisan Support 2019-May-17
The Current Paradigm about Israel and Its Neighbors Is Increasingly at Odds with Reality2019-April-19
Nothing in Islam Requires the Faithful to Hate Jews2019-March-15
Whatever Happened to Palestinian Democracy?2019-March-15
Arab Foreign Ministers Discuss Preempting Israeli Political Expansion in Africa2019-March-08
Poll Shows No Weakening of American Jewish Support for Israel2019-February-20
How Will Israel Navigate the U.S.-China Tech Cold War?2019-February-08
The Golan Heights Should Stay Israeli Forever2019-January-17
Middle East Burden Sharing 2019-January-15
UNIFIL and the Hizbullah Tunnels2018-December-10
Did the U.S. Oust Iran's Prime Minister in 1953?2018-August-31
U.S. Blocks F-35 Fighter Jet Transfer to Turkey 2018-August-15
How the PA Encourages Attacks on Israeli Civilians 2018-July-02
The Chances of the Latest White House Peace Plan2018-June-29
Israel's Growing Ties with China2018-June-29
Prince William's Visit to Israel2018-June-19
The Real Palestinian Catastrophe 2018-May-24
An Aggressive Plan to Defang Iran2018-May-23
Why Push Back on Iran? 2018-May-03
An Emerging Arab-Israeli Thaw 2018-April-05
Checking the Washington Post's Fact Checker 2018-March-26
Lessons from the Fight Against the Islamic State2018-March-14
"National Security Leaders" Adopt the Palestinian Narrative2018-March-14
Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews: An Islamic Truth2018-February-01
Israel's Remarkable Diplomatic Achievements in 2017 2018-January-26
The Islamic Republic of Iran Is Doomed 2018-January-04
Iran's Theocracy Is on the Brink2018-January-02
Abbas Is Damaging the Peace Process by Denying Jewish History in Jerusalem2017-December-19
Saudi Crown Prince Doesn't Want to Talk about Jerusalem 2017-December-15
Standing Up to Palestinian Blackmail on Jerusalem2017-December-07
Israel's Mythical "Isolation" 2017-December-01
The Saudis and Israel 2017-November-20

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