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Center for Security Policy

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In Response to Iran's Expanding Attacks, Israel Is Approaching Iran's Borders 2019-September-02
Will Iranian-Backed Militias Merge with Iraqi Security Forces?2019-July-05
What Did David Friedman Say that Was New?2019-June-12
The Reality of the "Two-State Solution" 2019-May-03
What Should Be Israel's Response to the U.S. Peace Plan? 2019-April-09
Israel's War between the Wars2019-April-05
Video: Why Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights Matters2019-March-29
Video: The Iranians and the Russians Are Not Natural Allies2019-February-20
Hizbullah Is in Venezuela to Stay2019-February-12
Iran to Syria: Time to Pay Us Back2019-February-08
Turkey's Expansionist Policy Exposed 2019-January-31
Iran Increasing Its Sway in Southwestern Syria2019-January-24
Experts View Israel's Response to a U.S. Pullout from Syria2019-January-10
The Islamic State inside Iraq: Preserving Strength?2019-January-02
The U.S. Withdrawal from Syria: A Blessing in Disguise?2019-January-01
Covert Saudi Outreach to Israel Sputters after Journalist's Murder 2018-December-19
What Happened to Arab Support for the Palestinians?2018-November-16
Egypt Making Progress in War on ISIS in Sinai2018-November-02
Gazans Consider Hamas the Lesser of Two Evils2018-October-15
Shadows on the Peace Process2018-October-03
Selling Oslo to the Jewish Community 2018-September-14
Poll: Palestinians Oppose PA Takeover of Hamas Weapons2018-September-13
Iran's Deadly Diplomats2018-August-10
Israel's as Secure as It's Ever Been But That Can Change Quickly 2018-July-20
Why Netanyahu's Revelations Are Significant2018-May-04
Everyone Loves Israel Now 2018-March-30
Coming Soon - a Nuclear Middle East 2018-March-02
Jibril Rajoub vs. Muhammad Dahlan to Replace Mahmoud Abbas 2018-February-26
Iran Is Playing with Fire by Testing Israel in Syria2018-February-15
Egypt's War Against the Gaza Tunnels2018-February-05
How the U.S. Is Going After Hizbullah in America's Backyard2017-December-01
Iran's Middle East Gains Are Due to Arab Weakness2017-November-28
Modern Islamic Warfare: An Ancient Doctrine Marches On 2017-October-06
Trump's Envoy Was Not Wrong on Israeli Settlements2017-October-04
Palestinian Poll: 3/4 Support Abbas' Decision to Suspend Security Coordination with Israel2017-September-20
Hizbullah May Have Been Planning to Take Over Syrian Chemical Weapons Facility 2017-September-07
Video: Thwarting a New Iranian Empire2017-August-25
U.S. Ends Covert CIA Program to Arm Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria 2017-July-20
Palestinians' Dilemma on Jerusalem's Temple Mount: Opposing Israel or Each Other?2017-July-19
The North Korean Challenge: Insights for the Middle East 2017-July-13
It's Time for the U.S. to Stop Paying for Palestinian Terrorism2017-July-12
Poll: Palestinians Oppose Suspension of Payments to Security Prisoners2017-July-06
Finding a "Zone of Possible Agreement" for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations¬Ě2017-May-23
A Proposal for a Trump Initiative for the Economic Development of the West Bank and Gaza2017-May-16
Does the Assassination of a Senior Hamas Member in Gaza Mean Escalation?2017-March-27
Can the U.S. Mobilize Key Sunni Arab States?2017-March-10
How Trump Can Take on Iran (Without Sparking War)2017-February-17
Stop American Aid to the Palestinians until the Terror Ceases2017-January-30
How Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Can Improve Prospects for Peace2017-January-24
The Dangers of a Unilateral Israeli Withdrawal from the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem2017-January-24

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