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White House

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U.S. Jewish Leaders Seek White House Apology for Dermer-Boris Johnson Comparison2016-July-18
The "Occupation" Ended 20 Years Ago2016-June-22
Saudis Waiting for a New U.S. Administration2016-June-17
U.S. to Guarantee Long-Term Missile Defense Aid2016-June-16
White House Opposes Proposed Increase in Military Aid for Israel2016-June-15
The Omani "Back Channel" to Iran and the Secrecy Surrounding the Nuclear Deal2016-June-10
Any International Effort to Impose a Solution on Israel Will Lack Balance2016-June-01
Moderation Postponed in Iran2016-May-31
Obama Confirms Death of Taliban Leader in U.S. Drone Strike2016-May-23
Dennis Ross: White House Took "Conscious Decision to Try to Distance Itself from Israel" 2016-May-23
America's Quiet War in Iraq2016-May-13
U.S. Cites Better Intelligence for Stepped-Up Airstrikes on Islamic State 2016-May-03
U.S. and Iran Report Progress on Iran Sanctions Complaint2016-April-20
The U.S. and Saudi Arabia No Longer See Anything the Same Way 2016-April-20
Don't Back Security Council on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 388 Lawmakers Urge Obama 2016-April-15
The Iran Nuclear Deal Keeps Changing 2016-April-04
Khamenei Intensifies His Anti-Americanism 2016-March-22
The Israeli Prime Minister's Visit that Wasn't2016-March-17
Kerry: Not Many People Believe in Possibility of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Right Now Because of Level of Violence2016-March-14
Biden: Iran Under Close Watch Amid Reports of Missile Tests2016-March-10
White House Working on Renewed Mideast Peace Push 2016-March-08
Netanyahu's Office Denies U.S. Surprise at Cancelled D.C. Trip2016-March-08
Biden Mideast Trip to Focus on Islamic State and Syria, Not Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2016-March-07
Senate Democrats Split with White House on Israel Trade Provisions2016-February-29
Obama's Policy on Israeli Settlements 2016-February-26
Obama to Reluctantly Sign Trade Bill Opposing Boycott of Settlement Products 2016-February-12
New U.S. Intelligence Report Says Islamic State Weaker 2016-February-05
Why the U.S. Should Stand by the Saudis Against Iran 2016-January-20
House Approves Greater Oversight of Iran Nuclear Deal2016-January-14
Obama: "How Do We Keep America Safe and Lead the World Without Becoming Its Policeman"2016-January-13
Obama Vows to Veto Bill to Restrict Iran Sanctions Relief2016-January-12
Is the U.S. Leaning toward Shiite Iran? 2016-January-12
Is the U.S. Still Promoting Democracy in the Middle East?2016-January-08
Is the U.S. Tilting toward Iran?2016-January-06
White House Delays Imposing New Sanctions on Iran for Missile Program 2016-January-01
U.S. Preparing Fresh Iran Sanctions over Ballistic Missile Program2015-December-31
U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress2015-December-30
U.S. Special Forces Are Sent to Tackle Global Threats2015-December-29
U.S. Congresswoman: Jerusalem's Archaeological Discoveries Prove Historic Jewish Ties 2015-December-24
Iran Objects to New U.S. Visa Rules2015-December-22
Iranian Hackers Infiltrated New York Dam in 20132015-December-21
President Obama and President Rivlin of Israel Meet at White House2015-December-10
U.S. Intelligence: ISIS Is Not Contained2015-December-08
President Obama's Liaison to the American-Jewish Community: We Can Disagree But Respect Each Other's Opinions2015-December-07
After Paris Attacks: ISIS Has New External Operations Unit, U.S. Says2015-November-16
White House: Israeli-Palestinian Talks Unlikely in Next 14 Months2015-November-11
Natanyahu: When Palestinians Recognize the Jewish State, We Will Have Peace2015-November-11
Obama, Netanyahu Meeting Focuses on Shared Goals2015-November-10
No Israel-Palestinian Solution during Obama Presidency, White House Assesses2015-November-06
Licensing Iran to Ship Missiles to Hizbullah 2015-November-04

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