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White House

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Creating a Culture of Peace 2017-May-19
Israel: No One Is in Danger from Trump Intelligence Incident2017-May-18
Video; Erdogan Security Forces Launch "Brutal Attack" on Demonstrators in Washington2017-May-18
U.S. National Security Adviser Says Trump Did Not Cause Lapse in National Security2017-May-17
White House Disavows U.S. Diplomat's Claim that Western Wall in Jerusalem Is Part of the West Bank2017-May-16
U.S. National Security Adviser McMaster Outlines Objectives for Trump's Middle East Visit2017-May-15
White House: U.S. Nears $100 Billion Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia 2017-May-15
U.S. Nears Deal on Arms Coveted by Saudis2017-May-15
New U.S. Ambassador Friedman Told Trump Chances of Peace Deal Are Slim2017-May-12
Peace Process Rituals 2017-May-12
Trump Urges Russia to Rein in Syria, Iran2017-May-11
U.S. to Arm Syrian Kurds over Turkish Objections2017-May-10
U.S. Pressures Abbas to End Controversial Payments to Terrorists' Families 2017-May-08
For Arab Gulf States, Israel Is Emerging as an Ally 2017-May-08
Trump's Approach to an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal: Get to Yes, and Figure Out the Details Later2017-May-05
Palestinians Delight in Warm Trump Welcome But Have Cause for Concern 2017-May-05
Abbas Lies to Trump, Big Time2017-May-05
Abbas Meets Trump at the White House2017-May-04
White House: Trump Asked Abbas to Resolve Issue of Payments to Families of Terrorists in Israeli Jails2017-May-04
Vice President Pence Hosts White House Celebration for Israel Independence Day, Calls Israel 2017-May-03
Iran on Notice 2017-April-28
U.S. Gesture to Iran Undermined Its Own Counterproliferation Efforts 2017-April-25
Abbas vs. Barghouti 2017-April-24
Report: Trump to Demand PA Stop Paying Salaries to Terrorists' Families2017-April-20
Trump Administration Sanctions Iran Prison Torture Industry2017-April-14
White House: Syria May Have Additional Chemical Agents2017-April-12
White House Warns Syrian Use of Barrel Bombs Could Trigger a Response2017-April-12
White House Press Secretary Apologizes for "Inappropriate, Insensitive" Holocaust Comment 2017-April-12
President Trump Meets with King Abdullah of Jordan2017-April-06
Worst Chemical Attack in Years in Syria; U.S. Blames Assad 2017-April-05
Report: Trump, Sisi Discuss Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit in U.S-2017-April-04
In a Shift, Trump Will Move Egypt's Rights Record to the Sidelines 2017-April-03
Israeli-Palestinian Coordination Against Hamas2017-March-29
Pay for Slay in Palestine: U.S. Aid Becomes a Transfer Payment for Terrorists2017-March-28
How Trump Has Confused the Jews2017-March-17
Palestinian Leader Invited to White House in Trump Call2017-March-13
Trump's Middle East Diplomacy Is Complicated by Palestinian Terror Incitement2017-March-13
Israel's Changing Relations with the White House 2017-March-10
Iran and the U.S. under the Trump Administration2017-March-07
Israeli Negotiator Critiques Kerry for 2013-14 Peace Talks 2017-March-03
More Bomb Threats at Jewish Schools and Community Centers2017-February-28
Islamic State Cranking Out Car Bombs for the Battle of Mosul2017-February-27
Jewish Community Centers Receive Fourth Wave of Bomb Threats 2017-February-21
Trump Is Looking for a Better Path to Peace2017-February-20
White House: Peace between Israel and the Palestinians Can Only Be Negotiated Directly2017-February-17
Netanyahu Lays Out How to Get to Two States 2017-February-17
Netanyahu Presents Israel's Case at the White House 2017-February-17
Changing the Conversation2017-February-17
Change Has Not Come to the Middle East 2017-February-17
For the U.S., the True Goal Is Peace2017-February-16

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