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White House

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Trump to Declare that Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not in the National Interest 2017-October-06
Trump Told Abbas: We Need More Time to Formulate a Peace Deal2017-September-25
President Trump at the UN: It Is Far Past Time for the Nations of the World to Confront Iran2017-September-20
President Trump Speaks with U.S. Jewish Leaders ahead of Rosh Hashanah2017-September-19
U.S., Israel Deny Closed Door Shouting Match with McMaster 2017-September-15
PA Freezes Bid to Join UN Tourism Body after U.S. Pressure2017-September-14
It's Time to Update America's Important Anti-Boycott Law for Israel2017-September-13
Talks Renewed on U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem2017-August-30
U.S. Pursuing a Strategy of Quiet Diplomacy on Israeli-Palestinian Peace2017-August-29
A Game-Changer for Middle East Peace?2017-August-25
Trump Adviser Kushner in Cairo for Talks on Mideast Peace2017-August-23
Arab Foreign Ministers Welcome U.S. Mideast Mediation2017-August-21
White House Says Its Closeness to Israel Is an Asset for Palestinians2017-August-11
Behind the Sudden Death of a $1 Billion Secret CIA War in Syria2017-August-04
Will Iran Become the Next North Korea?2017-August-04
Trump Foresees Iran Declared Noncompliant with Nuclear Deal2017-July-28
White House Applauds Israeli Action on Metal Detectors2017-July-26
Pence: Peace Requires Palestinian Willingness to Recognize the Jewish State of Israel2017-July-19
U.S. Shares Israel's Goal to Prevent Iranian Influence in Syria2017-July-18
White House Condemns "Brutal" Attack near Holy Site in Jerusalem 2017-July-17
Netanyahu Meets with U.S. Envoys on Peace Push2017-July-13
For U.S., Israeli Housing Plans Are No Longer the Obsessive Center of Attention 2017-July-13
U.S. Focused on Neutralizing the Iranian Threat2017-July-06
U.S. Working on an Israel-Palestinian Deal 2017-July-03
Israel, the Arab States, and the Prospects for Normalization 2017-June-28
White House: Syria Preparing Another Chemical Attack 2017-June-27
Trump's Team Faces Reality in the Middle East2017-June-23
U.S. Says Israeli-Palestinian Peace "Will Take Time"2017-June-22
U.S. on Collision Course with Syria and Iran 2017-June-22
U.S. General John Allen's Plan for Israel Is Dangerous 2017-June-22
Kushner, Greenblatt to Visit Israel to Pursue Peace Deal 2017-June-19
Revealed: Trump's $110 Billion Weapons List for the Saudis2017-June-09
What Makes U.S.-Israel Defense Ties so "Rock Solid?"2017-June-09
President Trump Delays Moving U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem2017-June-02
Why Is U.S. Funding UN Human Rights Council's Israel Blacklist?2017-May-30
How Israelis See President Trump2017-May-26
Trump Underscores U.S. Commitment to Maintaining Israel's Qualitative Military Edge2017-May-24
Trump: Crush the Hateful Ideology that Drives Terrorism2017-May-24
Trump Arrives in lsrael in Bid to Revive Peace Process2017-May-22
President Trump's Speech to the Arab Islamic American Summit2017-May-22
Trump Setting the Stage for a Renewal of the Peace Process2017-May-22
U.S. Policy on Recognizing Israel's Capital 2017-May-19
Creating a Culture of Peace 2017-May-19
Israel: No One Is in Danger from Trump Intelligence Incident2017-May-18
Video; Erdogan Security Forces Launch "Brutal Attack" on Demonstrators in Washington2017-May-18
U.S. National Security Adviser Says Trump Did Not Cause Lapse in National Security2017-May-17
White House Disavows U.S. Diplomat's Claim that Western Wall in Jerusalem Is Part of the West Bank2017-May-16
U.S. National Security Adviser McMaster Outlines Objectives for Trump's Middle East Visit2017-May-15
White House: U.S. Nears $100 Billion Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia 2017-May-15
U.S. Nears Deal on Arms Coveted by Saudis2017-May-15

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