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White House

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Official Palestinian Policy Is Now Resolute Rejection2018-March-16
White House Hosts Meeting on Gaza without Palestinians2018-March-14
Greenblatt: Hamas Bears Responsibility for Gaza's Suffering2018-March-14
Trump Told Netanyahu U.S. Will Pull Out of Iran Deal If Big Changes Not Made2018-March-12
Palestinian Authority Rejects U.S. Invitation to Humanitarian Summit on Gaza2018-March-12
Jerusalem Safe Enough to Move U.S. Embassy There, City's Mayor Tells Congress2018-March-07
After Reports of Chemical Attacks, White House Considers New Military Action Against Syrian Regime2018-March-07
Netanyahu to Trump: Israel, U.S. Have a Common Challenge to Stop Iran 2018-March-06
Israel Seeks Stricter Sanctions on Iranian Missiles2018-March-05
White House Accuses Russia of Killing Civilians in Syria2018-March-05
Israel Concerned with U.S. Inaction on Iran Entrenchment in Syria2018-March-02
White House Dismisses Reports on Middle East Peace Plan 2018-March-01
Trump on Jerusalem Embassy Move: "We Have to Do It, It's the Right Thing to Do"2018-February-26
Israelis Believe a Palestinian State Will Look Like Gaza2018-February-26
White House: Israel Has Right to Defend Itself2018-February-12
Trump to Netanyahu: "We Took Jerusalem Off the Table"2018-January-26
Trump's Mideast Plan 2018-January-26
Trump Warns Turkey Against Military Strikes in Syria2018-January-25
Pence: Timing of U.S. Peace Plan's Release Depends on Palestinians2018-January-24
White House: Europe Knows It Can't Be Lead Peace Broker2018-January-24
Remarks by Vice President Mike Pence in the Knesset 2018-January-23
Report: U.S. Peace Plan Triggered Abbas Speech2018-January-17
U.S. Vows to Withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal Unless There Are Major Changes2018-January-15
Statement by the President on the Iran Nuclear Deal2018-January-15
President Trump "Strongly Supports" the Taylor Force Act to Cut Aid to PA over Payments to Terrorists2018-January-11
U.S. Weighs Cutting Aid to Palestinian Refugees 2018-January-10
Egyptian Leaders Accept Jerusalem Move 2018-January-08
White House: U.S. Won't Subsidize Palestinians If They Spread Lies about America2018-January-04
Iran's Theocracy Is on the Brink2018-January-02
Iran's Leaders Face Challenge over Mounting Protests 2018-January-01
White House Still Focused on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Push2017-December-29
Trump: Iran Enabled Missile Attack on Saudi Arabia2017-December-21
U.S. Envoy Greenblatt Arrives in Israel to Advance Peace Plan2017-December-20
New U.S. Security Doctrine Emphasizes that Israel Not the Root of Mideast's Problems2017-December-19
U.S. Plans Middle East Peace Push after "Cooling Off" over Jerusalem2017-December-18
Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Is Good for Peace. Britain Should Do So Too2017-December-18
White House: Abbas "Distorting" Trump Remarks on Jerusalem and Preventing Peace2017-December-14
Video: Trump Tells the Story of Hannukah at White House Celebration2017-December-08
Trump Peace Team Believes It Can Ride Out Arab Anger2017-December-08
"It Is Time to Officially Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel" 2017-December-07
Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, White House Confirms 2017-December-06
President Trump Calls Middle East Leaders2017-December-06
Inside the Trump Administration Debate over Declaring Jerusalem to Be Israel's Capital2017-December-04
Iran Is Applying the Hizbullah Model to the Middle East2017-November-30
Territories Taken from the Islamic State Should Not Be Surrendered to the Islamic Republic2017-November-23
Israeli Terror Victims Visit White House, Say Killer's Family Will Get Palestinian Authority Stipend2017-November-15
Israeli Finance Minister Meets PA Prime Minister in Ramallah2017-October-30
Israeli Defense Minister Praises New U.S. Iran Strategy2017-October-24
A New U.S. Strategy to Address Iran's Destructive Actions2017-October-16
Trump Won't Certify Iran Nuclear Deal, But He Also Won't Unravel It2017-October-13

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