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White House

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U.S. Condemns Hizballah Attack on Israel2006-July-13
White House Defends Use of Israeli Force2006-June-29
Israel's "Realignment"2006-May-26
Bush: We Seek Negotiated Agreement between Israel and Palestinians2006-May-24
West Bank, Iran, Top Olmert's U.S. Agenda2006-May-23
Prime Minister's Aides: Bush Won't Embrace Convergence 2006-May-17
Bush: Hamas Has "One Foot in the Camp of Terror"2006-May-05
Bush, Olmert Discuss Peace, Regional Security2006-April-24
House of Representatives Set to Pass Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act2006-April-23
Hamas Defends Attack on Tel Aviv2006-April-18
Olmert to Meet Bush, Warned Not to Ask for Withdrawal Aid2006-April-15
Would President Bush Go to War to Stop Tehran from Getting the Bomb?2006-April-10
Bush to Hamas: "Get Rid of that War-Like Platform"2006-April-07
Bush: No Aid to a Palestinian Government Which Desires to Destroy Its Neighbor2006-March-30
An Unfair Attack2006-March-27
Bush Warns Iran: "We Will Use Military Might to Protect Our Ally, Israel"2006-March-21
Pull the Plug on UNRWA2006-March-17
Cheney: U.S. Won't Support Terrorist PA State, Won't Allow Iran to Have Nuclear Weapons2006-March-08
Bush: Hamas Government "Not a Partner in Peace"2006-February-22
U.S. and Israel Deny Plans to Drive Hamas from Power2006-February-14
Bush: "Hamas Must Recognize Israel, Disarm, Reject Terrorism"2006-February-01
Bush: Israel Is Our Ally; We Won't Be Blackmailed by Iranian Bomb2006-January-24
Cheney: Important to be Consistent about Democracy2006-January-20
AIPAC Criticizes White House Policy on Iran2005-December-26
Testing Egypt, Mubarak Rival Is Sent to Jail2005-December-26
Move Israel to Europe, Iran Leader Suggests2005-December-09
U.S. Concerned Over Syrian Arrest2005-November-11
White House Urges Abbas to Act Against Islamic Jihad2005-November-01
Assad's Fate in U.S. Hands 2005-October-28
Bush: "Syria Must Take the Demands of the Free World Very Seriously"2005-October-26
Radical Islam vs. Democracy 2005-October-21
President Bush Welcomes Mahmoud Abbas to the White House2005-October-21
Abbas May Get Little But Demands from Bush Summit2005-October-20
White House: Palestinian Leadership Can Do More to End Violence and Dismantle Terrorist Organizations2005-October-19
Palestinians Get Rare Bush Meeting 2005-October-12
White House Denies Bush Said God Told Him to Invade Iraq and Create Palestinian State2005-October-10
President Bush Discusses War on Terror 2005-October-07
Bush Condemns Destruction of Gaza Synagogues2005-September-15
U.S. Policy Should Reflect Post-Disengagement Realities2005-September-14
Bush Has a Plan for Palestine 2005-September-02
Bush Has a Plan for Palestine2005-September-02
"The Arafat Model"2005-August-30
President Bush Praises Israel, Demands Palestinians Fight Terrorism2005-August-29
Bush: "Progress toward Peace Depends on an End to Terror"2005-August-24
White House: Gaza Pullout to Bolster U.S.-Israel Ties2005-August-19
How Old Friends of Israel Gave $14 Million to Help the Palestinians2005-August-19
Seeing Grown Men and Seasoned Soldiers Cry2005-August-19
A Return to Defensible Borders2005-August-03
Syria Says Border Troops Fired On by U.S. Forces 2005-July-22
U.S. Condemns Suicide Bombing in Israel, Urges Palestinian Crackdown2005-July-13

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