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White House

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Congress: Lower Profile of Israel-U.S. Rift2009-June-15
Obama Postpones U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem2009-June-08
U.S. Seeks to Ease Tensions with Israel2009-June-05
Obama Reassures Jewish Groups about Israel2009-June-04
Abbas' Waiting Game2009-June-01
Mr. Obama and Mr. Abbas2009-June-01
U.S.-Backed Palestinian Leader Has Credibility Problem2009-May-27
Saudis Pushing Obama for New Mideast Plan2009-May-20
U.S. and Israel's Opening Bids2009-May-20
What President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu Said in Washington2009-May-19
U.S., Allies Set October Target for Iran Progress2009-May-14
Don't Blame Israel 2009-May-13
Iran Frees U.S. Journalist 2009-May-12
U.S. Renews Syria Sanctions Despite Outreach to Damascus2009-May-11
Leaning on Israel Won't Bring Middle East Peace2009-May-08
Peres: Israel Supports Two-State Solution, Iran Engagement2009-May-06
Top Obama Aide: Ability to Confront Iran Depends on Progress with Palestinians2009-May-04
The AIPAC Case Fallout2009-May-04
Netanyahu Bids to Change "Diskette" 2009-April-28
Report on the Conduct of IDF Soldiers During the Gaza War2009-April-23
Obama: U.S. to Encourage Israeli-Palestinian Confidence-Building Measures2009-April-22
Obama Invites Mideast Leaders for Talks on "Comprehensive Peace"2009-April-22
U.S. Condemns Ahmadinejad's Anti-Israel Address2009-April-21
Obama Tells Netanyahu: U.S. Committed to Israel's Security2009-April-02
Obama Commemorates 30th Anniversary of Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty2009-March-27
30th Anniversary of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty2009-March-26
Britain's Contacts with Hizbullah Vex U.S.2009-March-13
Obama Administration Overhauls U.S. Mideast Policy 2009-March-12
Protective Cover2009-February-27
Nuclear Iran? Decision Time Is Here 2009-February-25
U.S. Reaches Out to Jewish Leaders on "Durban II" 2009-February-18
Assessing the Obama Mideast Team 2009-February-12
White House: Obama Eager to Work with Israel after Elections2009-February-12
IDF Officers Say Troops Behaved Morally in Gaza 2009-January-23
Obama Stresses Commitment to Stop Hamas Arms Smuggling2009-January-22
Bush Calls for "Sustainable Cease-Fire" 2009-January-13
U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site2009-January-11
Obama Picks Ross to Coordinate Iran Policy2009-January-08
The New Middle East Game2009-January-06
Bush: "We Seek Security and Peace for Our Allies, the Free People of Israel"2009-January-04
White House: Hamas Must First Stop Firing Rockets2009-January-01
Bush Calls Arab Leaders Over Gaza2008-December-31
White House Blames Hamas for New Mideast Violence2008-December-30
White House Puts Onus on Hamas to End Escalation of Violence 2008-December-28
President Bush Hosts Hanukkah Reception2008-December-16
Bush: No Palestinian State Will Be Born of Terror2008-December-08
Report Gives Obama Advice on Handling Genocide Threats2008-December-08
Bush to Olmert: Why Are You Giving Syria the Golan for Nothing?2008-December-01
Bush, Olmert Meet in Washington2008-November-25
Obama Will Find Middle East Peace Elusive 2008-November-21

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