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White House

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Netanyahu Asked Obama to Help Restart Talks with PA2009-November-12
Emanuel Calls for Negotiations "Without Preconditions" 2009-November-11
Obama, Netanyahu Discuss Stalled Middle East Peace2009-November-10
Obama Hosts Netanyahu2009-November-09
House Resolution Calls Gaza Report Findings "Irredeemably Biased"2009-November-02
U.S. Considers a New Assessment of Iran Threat2009-October-16
A UN Show Trial2009-October-16
Intelligence Fiasco Footnote: The Authors of the 2007 Iran NIE Have Some Explaining to Do 2009-October-08
Iran Says It Will Not Discuss Second Nuclear Plant2009-September-30
U.S., France, and Britain: New Iranian Nuclear Facility Is Inconsistent with a Peaceful Program2009-September-29
U.S. Background Briefing on Iranian Nuclear Facility2009-September-29
Obama: Time to Re-Launch Peace Negotiations Without Preconditions 2009-September-24
Obama-Netanyahu-Abbas Meeting at UN to "Kick Off" Talks2009-September-22
U.S. Drops Plans for European Missile Shield Against Iran Rocket Threat2009-September-17
Bin Laden: U.S. Influenced by Israel2009-September-16
U.S. Says Iran Has Ability to Expedite a Nuclear Bomb 2009-September-10
How Obama Hopes to Restart Middle East Peace Talks 2009-September-10
Encrypted Video Link Installed Between White House and Prime Minister's Office2009-September-07
Are Inaccurate Media Reports Hurting the U.S.-Israel Relationship?2009-September-07
Wishing It Were So2009-September-07
Skepticism over "Breakthrough" Middle East Peace Plan2009-August-28
The Iran Countdown2009-August-26
Possible Gaddafi Visit Stirs N.J. Town2009-August-26
Obama Urges Renewed Mideast Peace Talks2009-August-21
President Wants Palestinian Concessions2009-August-21
Is Obama Wasting His Time Trying to Court the Saudis?2009-August-20
Obama: "We're Not There Yet"2009-August-19
Egypt Expects U.S. to Present Middle East Peace Plan Next Month2009-August-19
Video: Hamas Terrorist Hides Behind White Flag in Gaza - 8 Jan 20092009-August-19
Israeli Polls Show Resistance to Settlement Freeze2009-August-19
Ignoring Iran's Nuclear Plan Would Be the West's Greatest Blunder2009-August-14
More U.S. PR Is Not the Answer2009-August-11
U.S. No Longer at War with "Terrorism"2009-August-07
White House Stands by Decision to Honor Robinson 2009-August-05
U.S. to Push Peace in Middle East Media Campaign2009-August-03
Working on the Obama-Netanyahu Relationship 2009-July-23
U.S. Officials Heading for Israel 2009-July-22
Revisiting Obama's Riyadh Meeting2009-July-22
What the U.S. President Needs to Hear2009-July-15
Obama Talks of Progress on Israeli Settlements2009-July-14
Obama Meets with Jewish Leaders 2009-July-14
Israel Fears U.S. Would Foil Iran Strike2009-July-07
Pentagon Analyst Breaks Silence on Dropped Israel Spy Case2009-July-06
Is "Tough Love" for Israel in America's Best Interest?2009-July-02
Agreements Must Be Honored 2009-July-02
Did the Bush White House Agree to Settlement Growth?2009-June-26
Obama Condemns Iran's Iron Fist Against Protests2009-June-24
Ross to Move to National Security Council 2009-June-16
Did Netanyahu Pass the Obama Test?2009-June-16
Obama Welcomes Netanyahu's Speech2009-June-15

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