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White House

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Palestinians: Right of Return Non-Negotiable 2011-April-22
Netanyahu Invitation Puts Obama on Spot on Peace Plan2011-April-21
Mubarak's Sons Sent to Prison 2011-April-14
West's Response to Syria Blasted2011-April-06
Obama Meets with Peres, Calls for Intensified Peace Efforts2011-April-06
Dennis Ross: U.S. Opposed to PA Seeking Statehood in UN2011-April-05
The Larger Game in the Middle East: Iran2011-April-05
U.S. Air Power Plays Expansive Role in Libya 2011-March-29
In Obama's Push for Mideast Peace, Whose Side Is He On?2011-March-28
Bahrain's Kleptocracy in the Crosshairs 2011-March-18
U.S. Calls on Palestinians to Condemn Israelis' Murder2011-March-14
White House Announces Steps to Isolate Gaddafi2011-March-11
Obama Seeks a Course of Pragmatism in the Middle East2011-March-11
Lubrani: Clear U.S. Demand for Freedom in Iran Would Be "Electrifying" 2011-March-11
Obama Administration Prepares for Possibility of New Post-Revolt Islamist Regimes 2011-March-04
Obama Talks Mideast Peace with Jewish Leaders at White House2011-March-02
Protests, Strikes and Media Shift Intensify Pressure on Mubarak 2011-February-10
U.S. Officials Emphasize Commitment to Israel Security2011-February-10
White House Walks Fine Line on Muslim Brotherhood 2011-February-09
Sudden Split Recasts U.S. Foreign Policy2011-February-03
A Diplomatic Scramble as an Ally Is Pushed to the Exit2011-February-03
ElBaradei: From Multilateral Bureaucrat to Populist Patriot 2011-February-02
Senators Reject Call to Cut Israel Aid2011-February-02
U.S. Open to a Role for Islamists in New Egypt Government2011-February-01
How the Israeli Press is Interpreting Obama's Policy on Egypt 2011-January-31
Point Man on U.S. Sanctions to Depart2011-January-25
U.S. Seeks to Map Out Israel's Security Requirements2011-January-21
Obama and the Syrian Trap2011-January-06
Peace Will Come When Palestinians Want It 2010-December-10
U.S. Debates Role in Mideast Peace Effort 2010-December-10
WikiLeaks Shattered Accepted Dogma in the Middle East 2010-December-03
Refuseniks' Rough Road to Israel2010-November-26
Israel and U.S. Struggling to Conclude Settlement Freeze Pact2010-November-19
The Foiled Yemeni Bomb Plot and Anti-Semitism2010-November-02
President Obama Briefs Nation on a "Credible Terrorist Threat"2010-November-01
In Mideast House of Cards, U.S. Views Lebanon as Shaky2010-October-27
WikiLeaks Reports Detail Iran's Aid for Iraqi Militias2010-October-25
Why the Washington Process Can't Succeed 2010-October-22
How Obama Sabotaged Middle East Peace Talks 2010-October-19
Settlement Freeze Extension in Return for U.S. Recognition of Settlement Blocs? 2010-October-07
The Al-Qaeda Threat Faced by Europe2010-October-06
A Key Back Channel for U.S., Israeli Ties2010-October-06
U.S. Denies Obama Letter to Netanyahu on Peace Talks2010-October-01
In Mideast Blame Game, Arrow Tilts to Abbas 2010-September-28
Obama to UN: "The Slaughter of Innocent Israelis Is Not Resistance - It's Injustice"2010-September-24
Iranian Daily: Iran Has Triumphed, and Has Overtaken the U.S. in the Middle East 2010-September-22
Israel Is Committed to Obama's Vision of "Two States for Two Peoples"2010-September-22
Hillary's Dangerous Mideast Leap2010-September-16
Egyptian Newspaper Doctors Peace Talks Photo2010-September-16
What the White House Has to Do to Keep the Peace Talks Going2010-September-14

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