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Biden, Netanyahu Affirm Continued Strategic Cooperation2021-February-18
Middle East Quartet Pushes to Renew Involvement in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2021-February-18
U.S. to End Support for Offensive Operations in Yemen2021-February-08
The Iranians Know Israel Means Business2021-January-28
U.S. to Work with Israel to Build on Normalization Deals2021-January-25
Qatar, Saudi Arabia Set to End Feud that Hampered U.S. Interests 2021-January-07
The Beginnings of the Israel-Morocco Peace Deal2020-December-21
Saudi Arabia Allows Israeli Commercial Planes to Use Its Airspace2020-December-03
Abraham Accords Reflect Arab Leaders' Fatigue with Palestinians 2020-November-02
Sudan and Israel Agree to Normalize Ties 2020-October-26
A New American Ideology Has Dangerous Implications for Jews2020-October-19
U.S. Imposes Sweeping New Sanctions on Iran2020-September-24
White House Says Five More Countries Seriously Considering Israel Deals2020-September-21
Dermer Sees Washington Peace Summit as "the Beginning of the End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict"2020-September-21
Trump: Accords between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain Show Nations "Breaking Free from the Failed Approaches of the Past"2020-September-17
Proposed U.S. Sales of F-35 Jets to UAE Prompts Israeli Fears of Mideast Arms Race2020-September-17
Prime Minister Netanyahu to UAE and Bahrain: Thank You for Joining Us in Bringing Hope to All the Children of Abraham2020-September-17
Palestinians in Gaza Fire Rockets at Israel during White House Ceremony2020-September-17
The Importance of the Israel, UAE, Bahrain Deals Ceremony2020-September-17
Bahrain Normalizes Relations with Israel2020-September-14
Kushner: Normalization Deals Will Enable All Muslims to Pray at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque2020-September-14
Israel Hopes It Is Finally Gaining Acceptance in Its Neighborhood2020-September-14
U.S. Says Saudi Arabia Will Allow All Flights from Israel to Pass Through Its Airspace2020-September-10
How Britain's Jewish Troops Rescued Holocaust Survivors Trying to Reach Palestine 2020-September-10
Kushner: We Don't Seek to Isolate the Palestinians But We Won't Reward Bad Behavior2020-August-31
Former U.S. Envoy Greenblatt: The Door to the White House Has Remained Open to the Palestinians2020-August-31
Israel, UAE Agree to Full Normalization of Relations2020-August-17
What We Know about the Blasts in Beirut2020-August-10
U.S.-Israel Talks Continue on Sovereignty in Parts of West Bank 2020-June-26
Applying Israeli Law in West Bank Is Not Illegal 2020-June-15
Executive Order Regarding the International Criminal Court2020-June-12
Covid-19 Crisis Delays West Bank Mapping2020-June-03
Former Peace Envoy Greenblatt: "Door to Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Remains Open"2020-May-28
Does Israel Have U.S. Support to Apply Sovereignty to Parts of Judea and Samaria? 2020-May-21
The Benefits and Risks of Extending Sovereignty to Parts of the West Bank2020-May-20
Israel and the Jordan Valley2020-May-15
Can Palestinians Stop Israel from Declaring Sovereignty over Parts of West Bank? 2020-May-12
Trump Instructs U.S. Navy to Destroy Iranian Gunboats that Harass U.S. Ships2020-April-23
Why Iran Won't Make Another Nuclear Deal 2020-March-26
Palestinians Choose "the Cause"over Statehood 2020-March-13
A Purim Lesson at the White House2020-March-10
U.S. to Approve Israeli Annexations within Months If Palestinians Don't Negotiate2020-March-06
View Jared Kushner's PowerPoint Briefing on the U.S. Peace Plan2020-March-05
Dore Gold: "We Presented the Americans with What Most Israelis Believe In"2020-February-17
U.S. Celebrates Withdrawal of UN Security Council Resolution Against Peace Plan 2020-February-12
In Sudan, More Support for Normalizing Ties with Israel2020-February-11
U.S. Seeks Normalization of Ties between Israel, Arab States 2020-February-03
Kushner: Middle East Peace Plan Guarantees Muslims Access to Al-Aqsa2020-January-31
U.S. Peace Plan Critics Shouldn't Encourage Palestinians to Make Another Mistake2020-January-31
White House Releases U.S. Mideast Peace Plan2020-January-29

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