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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Prospects for Security, Peace, and Reform in the Abbas Era2005-February-10
Saudi Arabia and Oil: Coping with the Challenge of Osama bin Laden2005-February-03
No Grace Period for Newly Elected Abbas 2005-January-27
Palestinian Stirrings2005-January-03
When Minorities Rule in the Middle East - Historical Realities 2004-December-31
Are All Politics Local? A Look at Palestinian Municipal Elections Results2004-December-29
Challenges Facing a New Palestinian President 2004-December-17
Deciphering Post-Arafat Palestinian Politics 2004-December-17
The End of the Peace Process2004-December-10
Saudi Stability in the Shadow of the U.S. Consulate Attack in Jeddah 2004-December-09
U.S. Islamic Charity a "Money-Laundering Clearinghouse"2004-December-07
Promoting a Ceasefire on the Palestinian-Israeli Front 2004-December-02
Analyzing King Abdullah's Change in the Line of Succession2004-November-30
How to Block Hizballah's Al-Manar Television2004-November-25
Powell Still Popular with Jews2004-November-19
Arafat's Troubled Legacy2004-November-16
A Multifaceted Unilateralism 2004-October-22
Injustice in Gaza2004-October-20
The Palestinian Intifada: Lessons and Prospects (Part II)2004-October-15
Terror on the UN Payroll? 2004-October-14
The Palestinian Intifada: Lessons and Prospects2004-October-01
A Conversation on Middle East Peacemaking2004-September-24
A Delicate Dance in the Mideast2004-September-14
The 9/11 Commission Report2004-September-03
Indicting Hamas: By Disrupting Its Operations, Does the West Become a Target? 2004-August-27
Hamas Leader, 2 Others Indicted2004-August-23
The Latest Challenge from Al-Sadr2004-August-19
Arafat Survives for Now, Amid Divided Fatah Opposition2004-August-10
Lessons from the Front Line in the Battle for "Hearts and Minds" 2004-August-05
Nablus: A City of Chaos2004-August-03
Assessing the Current Challenge to Arafat2004-July-27
Unilaterally Constructed Barriers in Contested Areas2004-July-09
In Search of "Righteous Arabs"2004-July-02
Why Americans Die in Riyadh2004-June-22
Why Americans Die in Riyadh2004-June-19
Security, Peace, and Israel's Strategy of Disengagement2004-June-11
Hizballah's New Reality2004-June-10
Unilaterally Constructed Barriers in Contested Areas2004-June-09
The Bush-Sharon Relationship2004-June-08
The Bush-Sharon Relationship2004-June-07
Political Troubles Between Turkey and Israel?2004-May-28
Relying on the Saudis: The Challenge for U.S. Oil Policy2004-May-28
Combating Terror Financing in America2004-May-21
Who Among the Palestinians Can Deliver?2004-May-05
Middle East on the Potomac2004-April-30
The West Bank Fence: A Vital Component in Israel's Strategy of Defense2004-April-23
Al-Qaeda: A Whole Different Ball Game2004-April-09
Sanctioning Syria: A Moment of Opportunity2004-March-19
Is All Quiet on Israel's Northern Front? 2004-March-10
The Problem Within Islam 2004-March-01

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