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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Nasrallah's Malaise 2006-September-19
State Department Adviser Links Iran Policy to Palestinian Issue 2006-September-18
U.S. Wary of Palestinian Unity Government Plan 2006-September-13
Palestinian Unity Government May Widen U.S.-EU Rift2006-September-12
Containing Hizballah's Terrorist Wing 2006-September-12
Lessons and Consequences of the Israel-Hizballah War2006-September-06
Syria's Assad's Answer to the United States2006-September-05
Would Turkish Troops in Lebanon Be Neutral? 2006-August-30
Iran's Militia Mayhem2006-August-18
Been There, Done That2006-August-08
The Rules of War 2006-August-03
An International Force: Advantages and Disadvantages2006-July-25
An International Stabilization Force for Lebanon: Problems and Prospects2006-July-25
Casus Belli2006-July-24
Israel and Hizballah at War: Status Report2006-July-21
What Will Happen Next?2006-July-21
Hizballah Opens a Second Front2006-July-20
Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hizballah vs. Israel2006-July-16
Jordan in the Wake of Zarqawi and the Hamas-Israel Clash2006-July-11
Hizballah and Shiite-Sunni Tensions in Lebanon2006-July-07
Abbas, Hamas, and the Referendum Trap 2006-June-23
Has America Abandoned the Cause of Democracy in the Middle East?2006-June-22
The Abbas Referendum: Not a Peace Plan2006-May-30
Jordanian King's Closest Aides Are West Bankers 2006-May-10
Hamas Weapons in Jordan: Implications for Islamists on the East Bank2006-May-09
Funding Alternatives to Hamas2006-May-05
Lending a Helping Hand 2006-April-23
Taking Aim at Syria and Hizballah: Walid Jumblatt's Brave Stance2006-April-19
The Growing Anarchy in the Palestinian Territories2006-April-18
Blaming Hamas Sidesteps Regional Realities2006-April-18
How to Stop Iran (Without Firing a Shot) 2006-April-16
Pitfalls Await Quartet Plan to Aid Palestinians2006-April-15
Hamas: Politics, Charity, and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad 2006-April-14
Hobbling Hamas2006-March-28
Target Aid to Help Hamas Fail2006-March-17
Islam's Coming Crusade2006-March-08
Where to Draw the Line on International Assistance to the Palestinians?2006-March-03
Al-Qaeda Attack on Abqaiq: The Vulnerability of Saudi Oil2006-March-02
Pressing the Palestinian Authority Financially: Not as Easy as It Looks2006-February-24
The Security Implications of a Hamas-Led Palestinian Authority2006-February-21
Feeding at Saudis' Trough, Former U.S. Envoys Lobby for Kingdom2006-February-17
Hamas: Politics, Charity, and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad 2006-February-10
Some Warn of Rising Islamist Tide in the Middle East 2006-January-31
Can Hamas Be Tamed?2006-January-30
The Bush Administration, Hamas, and the PA Elections2006-January-09
Change Agent2006-January-06
Lessons from the Fight Against Terrorism2006-January-03
The Elephant in the Gulf: Arab States and Iran's Nuclear Program 2005-December-26
Al-Qaeda Infiltration of Gaza: A Post-Disengagement Assessment 2005-December-19
Egyptian Legislative Elections: A Reading of the Results2005-December-16

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