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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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The Obama Administration and Implications for Freedom and Democracy in the Middle East 2009-April-03
The New Israeli Government2009-April-01
Examining the Conduct of IDF Operations in Gaza2009-March-30
The Egyptian-Israeli Peace: Lessons for Today2009-March-26
Hizbullah's Narcotics Ties Problematic2009-March-25
Buying Time with Iran: The F-22 Fighter2009-March-20
The Obama Administration Reaches Out to Syria: Implications for Israel2009-March-18
Iran's Ongoing Proxy War in Iraq2009-March-17
The Price of a Palestinian Unity Government2009-March-16
Al-Qaeda's Economic Crisis2009-March-12
Assad: No Full Peace with Syria without Resolution of Palestinian Conflict2009-March-10
Obama Facing Human Rights Challenge in Syria2009-March-10
Preventing a Cascade of Instability: U.S. Engagement to Check Iranian Nuclear Progress2009-March-05
Egypt Not Blocking Gaza Arms Smuggling2009-March-04
Urge Damascus to Come Clean on Nuclear Activity2009-March-03
Global Economic Crisis Boosts Utility of U.S. Sanctions on Syria2009-February-27
The President of Africa 2009-February-25
Hamas' Challenge to the PLO2009-February-10
Experts Dampen Expectations of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal2009-February-05
How Not to Fund Hamas: Scrutinize Those Who Receive U.S. Aid 2009-February-04
Turkey's Turn from the West2009-February-02
Fixing UNRWA: Repairing the UN's Troubled System of Aid to Palestinian Refugees 2009-January-28
Defining a "Prediplomacy" Agenda for U.S.-Mideast Efforts 2009-January-27
Israel's Operation in Gaza2009-January-26
When the Gaza Dust Settles 2009-January-14
Arab Reaction to Gaza Conflict: Anger at Israel, But Scant Support for Hamas2009-January-11
Within Hamas, Hardline Militants Calling Shots in Gaza2009-January-08
Implications of the Gaza Conflict 2009-January-07
Jihadist Groups in Gaza: A Developing Threat 2009-January-06
Holding Hamas Accountable 2009-January-04
Impact of the Gaza Conflict on Palestinian Politics2009-January-02
Israel's Policy Options in the Gaza Conflict2009-January-01
Hizbullah Will Defend Iran - Not Palestinians2008-December-31
Air Power Alone Won't Force the Hamas Response that Israel Wants 2008-December-31
To Track Terrorists, Follow the Money2008-December-25
How President Obama Can Promote Israeli-Palestinian Peace2008-December-24
The Challenges of Israeli Military Action in Gaza2008-December-17
The EU and Syria Move Closer 2008-December-12
Persian Gulf Funds Flowing to Terror Networks2008-December-12
Security First: U.S. Priorities in Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking2008-December-11
West Bank Hardball: Fatah's Offensive Against Hamas 2008-December-10
Despite Financial Setbacks, Hamas Still Raising Substantial Funds 2008-December-05
Missing the Mission of Public Diplomacy2008-December-04
Decoupling Syria from Iran: Constraints on U.S.-Syrian Rapprochement2008-December-03
Military Consequences of a Gaza Ceasefire Collapse 2008-November-21
The Money Trail: Finding, Following, and Freezing Terrorist Finance 2008-November-19
Is Hamas Committed to the Ceasefire?2008-November-17
The Problems of Engaging with Iran's Supreme Leader 2008-November-14
Why the Next U.S. President Will Be a Wartime Leader 2008-November-05
Duplicity in Damascus2008-November-03

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