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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Israel as the National Homeland of the Jewish People 2010-March-26
Biden's Israel Visit and Its Aftermath: The Importance of Maintaining Strategic Direction in U.S. Middle East Policy 2010-March-16
Armistice Now: An Interim Agreement for Israel and Palestine 2010-March-12
Challenges of Middle East Peace2010-March-05
Dinner in Damascus: What Did Iran Ask of Hizbullah?2010-March-03
Incremental Sanctions Make a Nuclear Iran More Likely2010-March-02
Resistance and Rockets: Hamas Targeting of Israeli Civilians2010-March-01
Syria in a Corner 2010-February-25
Little Hope for Improvement in the U.S.-Syrian Dynamic2010-February-25
Iran Faces Economic Unrest 2010-February-16
Muslim Firebrands Challenge Hamas Rule in Gaza2010-February-16
Can Gaza Become a Somalia or Yemen? 2010-February-12
The Basij Resistance Force: A Weak Link in the Iranian Regime?2010-February-10
When Yemen Meets Gaza2010-January-27
Iran's Republic of Fear2010-January-26
The Escalating Ties between Middle Eastern Terrorist Groups and Criminal Activity 2010-January-22
Syria's Financial Support for Jihad2010-January-21
Poll: Overwhelming Majority in Saudi Arabia, Egypt Oppose Accepting Israel as a Jewish State 2010-January-19
Prospects for the Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks2010-January-18
U.S. Crafting New, Low-Key Middle East Strategy 2010-January-15
Salafi-Jihadi Groups in the Palestinian Arena2010-January-13
The Murdered Fathers Club: Washington's Allies in Beirut Are Now Bowing to Damascus2009-December-25
The End of the Peace Process 2009-December-10
When Islamist Foreign Policies Hurt Muslims2009-December-08
Syria and Turkey: Walking Arm in Arm Down the Same Road?2009-December-04
Israel's Gamble in a Prisoner Swap 2009-November-25
Israel and PA Have Convergence of Interests to Stop Hamas 2009-November-20
The Implications of Long-Range Hamas Rockets2009-November-19
The End of the Peace Process2009-November-18
Obama Administration Mugged by Reality in Middle East2009-November-17
Palestinians Refusing to Negotiate for a Palestinian State 2009-November-13
Iran and Hizbullah: Significance of the Arms Ship Interception 2009-November-13
The Second Lebanon War and Its Repercussions 2009-November-13
Who's Really Running Iran's Pro-Democracy Movement?2009-November-06
Iran's Nuclear Program and Israel 2009-November-06
Iranian Missile and Outer Space Programs: Assessing Present and Future Capabilities2009-November-05
The Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey: A Surfacing Submarine2009-October-28
Is Turkey Leaving the West?2009-October-27
Bringing in Hamas Will Undo the Peace Process2009-October-23
The Hidden Costs of the Nuke Deal with Iran2009-October-22
The Iranian Regime's Political Opponents Would Back Sanctions2009-October-15
Hamas in Combat2009-October-09
If Iran Can't Be Stopped Now, All Bets Are Off2009-September-30
Restarting the Middle East Peace Process2009-September-29
Syria Reorganizes Intelligence Services2009-September-25
Breaking Stalemates on Iran and Syria at the IAEA 2009-September-24
Diplomatic Engagement with Syria 2009-September-15
Despite Washington's Conciliatory Steps, Damascus Remains Intransigent2009-September-11
Time to Get Serious about Helping Iran's Opposition 2009-September-11
Any U.S. Distancing from Israel Strengthens Islamists2009-September-11

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